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Step by step instruction

On this page, we will show you what you can expect when working with SpanishVIP. We will run through the process of trying a free class, choosing the package that suits your needs, and your first steps towards fluency.

Step 1: Try a free class

The best way for us to understand your unique goals and interests in learning Spanish, is by sitting down to have a free lesson. In doing this, we show you how we do classes, and get to know you as an individual so that we can build out your curriculum.


Schedule Free Class

After you fill out our form, a teacher will reach out to gather a few details and schedule an appointment for your first class.


Getting Prepared

After your class is scheduled, a teacher will provide you with some details on how we will run the call via video chat.


Enjoy Your Free Class!

Our teachers will help figure out your current level and goals in learning Spanish. Get ready for a fun and engaging lesson that is custom-built for you!

Join thousands of students who trust
SpanishVIP for learning Spanish online

See what learning Spanish. is like with SpanishVIP. Try us for free—we’ll prepare a free class of one month of your bookkeeping and prepare a set of financial statements for you to keep.


This is SpanishVIP in action!

If you want to check how one of our 1:1 classes are in real life, check out the video here.

We provide online Spanish classes and private tutoring. This is an example of a private class between our teacher Angie and one of our students.

Contact if you have questions.

Why is the introductory class so important?

The first thing we do is have an in-depth class with you. Think of it like an interview. Our highly qualified teachers will sit down with you to discuss:

1. Your current level of Spanish
2. Why you’re looking to learn
3. Goals and timelines
4. Areas you struggle with


By taking this approach, we’ll ensure you spend time learning things that are most important to you. With traditional apps and courses, you’re limited to what’s put in front of you.

By conducting our classes one-on-one, your teachers gain a deeper understanding that they wouldn’t have from group classes.

We use this information to create a very complete and structured curriculum for you to follow.

The lessons you partake in will be directly tied to your specific goals and interests.

For example, if you’re looking to learn because you want to travel, we’ll focus on things like asking for directions, ordering food, buying souvenirs, etc.

With SpanishVIP, you’re given the fast track to start having the kinds of conversations you want to have — without getting tied down to unnecessary details. Of course, you’ll also learn about things like grammar and pronunciation as a standard practice.

In working with you as an individual, our teachers will be far more capable of making relevant recommendations and helping provide you with the personalized time that’s necessary to improve your confidence with the language.

Choose The Right Plan For You

Pick from our private or group classes and get started on the best path to language acquisition.

Private Classes Group Classes



You want to give it a try

$129/per month

  • Up to 5 hours of classes per week
  • Try your first class for free
  • Money back guarantee*
  • Cancel anytime you want
Choose This Plan
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You have serious plans

$699/6 month

  • All “Starter” features
  • All “Conversational” features
  • Priority assignment to our in-demand teachers
  • Progress tracking with Student Success
  • Formative assessment (on request)
Choose This Plan
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This package is for you if you just want to give it a try. Not sure how much time you’ll have, or perhaps you’re not 100% sure that learning Spanish is a priority? Not a problem! Start taking classes with no long-term commitment and see if SpanishVIP is the right fit for you.


This is our bestseller — students love getting one month for free! You will be guided through 3 months of intense Spanish classes to help you become conversational. Choosing this package means you’re committed and ready to learn a new language.


The ultimate package. We’ll give you all of the tools you need to become fluent; the only thing we need from you, is effort and consistency. You will have a dedicated teacher that at some point will not just be your teacher, but your accountability partner and friend. Choose this package if you’re ready to final achieve your goal of speaking Spanish like a native.

Step 3: Officially become a
SpanishVIP student!

After choosing your package, it’s time to roll out the red carpet and welcome you to the SpanishVIP family. You will get to know other students with the same mission and finally do something for yourself.

Why SpanishVIP?

Speaking Spanish can be nerve-wracking at first. Working with our teachers will give you the confidence you need to get comfortable with the language.

Learn at your own pace.

Regardless of how long it takes you to “get” it, our teachers will work with you to ensure you’re comfortable before moving into new concepts. You won’t be left behind like in group classes.

Practice "real-world" Spanish.

Tired of Spanish lessons teaching you how to say “the cat drinks milk”? We understand that you’re studying Spanish so you can have a real conversation. That’s why our teachers focus on helping you learn the vocabulary you’ll need in every day life.

Immerse in the language.

As much as it would be great to have a shortcut, nothing replaces the value of actual practice. One-on-one classes with a dedicated teacher helps you get as much practice as you need.

Classes are customized for you.

Why are you learning Spanish? Planning to travel, socialize, or do business in the language? Whatever your goals may be, we’ll create a plan for you to get up to speed on the concepts that matter most to you, fast.