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Award-Winning Online Spanish Classes

Join thousands of students learning Spanish the right way. Get the support of world-class teachers and a personalized program, so your classes are insanely effective and fun.

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Learn Spanish Your Way

Our programs are built with you, the individual in mind. Customize every aspect of your classes for a fast and exciting path to fluency.

Private Tutoring

1:1 classes with a dedicated teacher

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Group Classes

True immersion in a peer-led environment

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Self-led learning platform with our tutorbot Eva

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Spanish for Kids

Fun and interactive lessons for ages 5+

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How does it work?

Working with our team means you’ll have a language learning partner. We’ll be by your side every step of the way to ensure you’re able to speak Spanish confidently in the shortest time possible.


Actually speak the language

Our programs are built for real world fluency. If you’ve ever used apps, courses, or university programs, you know how useless they can be to acquire the ability to speak Spanish with natives. You need practical, conversational based experience. That’s what we provide.

Perfect for every learner

Classes happen online via video chat. Study what you want, how you want. Every aspect of your program is built around your individual needs. Regardless of your reasons for learning Spanish, we’ll work with you to define the shortest and most engaging path to success.

Built with YOU in mind

With our unlimited group classes and private tutoring available between 6am-10pm EST, we work with learners all around the world. Get intensive, practical experience in the language. Take as many classes as you need, based around your schedule and preferred learning style.

We’re passionate educators

Languages are a beautiful thing. They allow us to connect, share, and communicate with one another. Helping our students is a privilege; one that we take very seriously.

Our qualified teachers relentlessly pursue shared goals. Making sure our students learn in the shortest time possible, while having fun and feeling truly supported.


Why SpanishVIP?

Speaking Spanish can be nerve-wracking at first. Working with our teachers will give you the confidence you need to get comfortable with the language.

Learn at your own pace.

Regardless of how long it takes you to “get” it, our teachers will work with you to ensure you’re comfortable before moving into new concepts. Our classes are a friendly, supportive environment.

  • Move fast enough to feel engaged, but not overwhelmed
  • Spend as much time on a subject as you need to master it
  • Get the support of a teacher who knows how you feel

Immerse in the language

Our affordable subscriptions allow you to get intensive experience in Spanish. Practice with gifted native instructors every single week and see how fast you become comfortable speaking.

  • Make Spanish your daily routine without moving abroad
  • Get the support of a teacher who actually speaks Spanish
  • Feel the accountability of our team, every step of the way

Practice “real-world” Spanish

Learning grammar is important. However, practical application of the language is critical. Our utilitarian approach is the reason students who historically failed, finally learn the language.

  • Conversational lessons to learn Spanish in context
  • Practical application using role-play, writing, etc.
  • Acquire the most useful vocabulary in the shortest time

Classes are customized for you

Every aspect of your classes are personalized. Our methodical approach to analysing your goals, interests, and class results allow us to dynamically improve your curriculum at the individual level.

  • Proactive improvements to fast-track your path to fluency
  • Open communication to ensure you feel engaged
  • Custom curriculum material for your unique interests

What kinds of classes
can you expect?


Your goal is to get ready for conversations in the real world, right? We strongly believe that cookie cutter programs are a hindrance to language learning. Our conversational classes help you speak Spanish from day one.


Learn the basics or perfect your grammar for use in personal or professional settings. Grammar-oriented lessons will build your vocabulary while helping you speak perfectly like a native. Couple this with conversation for real-world success.

Spanish Private Tutoring

Fast-track your language learning using private Spanish tutoring with a dedicated teacher. Get an effective curriculum that’s built around your specific goals, interests, and current level of comprehension.

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Structured support

Our world-class teachers know how to move at your pace and provide encouragement you need, so learning isn’t overwhelming.

Perfect Curriculum™ process

Every single student we work with has a unique set of goals, interests, and optimal learning style. Get a curriculum built for you.

Ongoing assessment

We conduct regular assessments to improve your curriculum based on your academic results and make classes as fun as possible.

Spanish Group Classes

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. Practice with peers in a group setting while enjoying activity and game filled lessons. It’s fun and supportive, and unlimited classes you can take 24 hours a day.

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True Immersion™

Unlimited classes you can take any time, 24 hours a day. Take as many classes as you need and get true immersion without having to travel. We’ll help you speak conversationally in as little as 30 days.

Fun and supportive

Our amazing teachers and students provide a fun and effective way to practice Spanish. Learning shouldn’t feel boring or stressful. Every class will provide interesting activities that challenge you just enough.

Fully customizable

Fast-track progress by taking only classes that interest you and support your goals. We’ll even provide custom homework! Forget about uninspired, standardized education.

Get a personalized certificate of achievement

Every subscription comes with a complimentary certificate to verify your level in Spanish. Just take our level assessment and we’ll provide a certificate you can use to help advance your professional career!


What our students say

We’ve helped thousands of students around the world to dominate the Spanish language. Discover what working with SpanishVIP is like by watching these videos from real students.

Useful Resources

Read or watch interesting resources that have helped
thousands of students around the world learn Spanish fast.

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Spanish classes for those who want to speak the language.

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