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Earn high school credits with our online Spanish classes

Boring classrooms are a thing of the past. Accredited™ allows students to earn high school credits with our ultra effective Spanish tutoring.

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    Simply, never standardize

    Receive high school and university credits with our innovative program. Benefit from our award-winning Spanish tutoring while working toward the credits you need.

    World-Class Spanish Language Program

    You, and your children, deserve access to a world-class education. However, receiving credentials for in-person tutoring is difficult and incredibly expensive. Enabled by our new partnerships with leading North American educational institutions, we are now able to offer globally recognized credits to our students.

    Although we have to abide by certain guidelines, you still get the individualized attention you have come to expect with SpanishVIP. Lessons, activities, and homework are customizable and adapted to each student.

    For Spanish Learners at All Levels

    Access industry leading Spanish language education with teachers who truly care about the success of their students

    Dedicated Teachers

    Our teachers don’t just check boxes. Each program is adapted so our students actually learn Spanish. We’ll take the time to listen.

    Individualized Attention

    Academic results are analyzed weekly to make ongoing improvements to our curriculum at the individual level.

    Never Standardized

    Besides basic guidelines, every student receives a dynamic experience. Everyone learns differently. Education shouldn’t live in a box.

    How does Accredited™ Work?

    Our curriculum is approved by partners that have authority to provide credits. We provide the documentation our board of education needs to verify academic results. Besides this requirement, we have full freedom with students.

    What kinds of credits do you provide?

    High School

    Whether you’d like to enroll your child to provide a path to success or need credits as a pre-requisite for your own degree, we’re here to help. Students can earn up to 3 Spanish credits that are globally recognized.

    College & University (Coming Soon)

    Need a college or university credit without having to enroll in a lengthy or unnecessary program? Earn Spanish credits at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at a college or university (coming soon).

    Our Process

    Every student is taken through a 10-step process to ensure you or your child are paired with the perfect teacher, based on individual needs and interests.

    Our Mission

    We focus on meaningful results. Our goal is to help students earn credits while also becoming conversational or fluent in Spanish.

    Real student testimonials

    We love SpanishVIP. The staff is easy to work with and want you to have the best experience possible. Our children have learned so much already and enjoy getting on 3 times a week with their teacher Andrea to expand their vocabulary and comprehension of the Spanish language. Our teacher makes learning fun which keeps the kids engaged.

    Megan Robiou

    I have been taking Spanish with Spanish VIP and my speaking ability has improved greatly in the last 3 months. I had studied on my own for about 7 years and could never move beyone high beginner. Since working with my tutor, Stefani, I can read, write and speak more more confidently than before.

    Albert Flores

    My children, aged 9 and 11, have been taking private classes with SpanishVIP for about 2 months. They’ve really enjoyed their lessons, they are learning a lot, and they really like their teacher. They have a fun time during the class with their teacher Edwin, who is very responsive and encouraging to my children.

    David Ellis

    I’m only a month in but I absolutely love SpanishVIP and my amazing teacher Angela. She is so lovely and immediately made me feel at ease and confident to speak Spanish. Since travel to Spain is currently impossible my university year abroad is currently on hold so SpanishVIP has been such a blessing in helping me practice my spoken Spanish and perfect my grammar whilst still in my house in England.

    Marvin McKinney

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    Why SpanishVIP?

    Every student is taken through a 10-step process to ensure you or your child are paired with the perfect teacher, based on individual needs and interests.

    In the US, the minimum requirement for a high school credit is 120+ hours of study time. We have broken our program down into 60 hours of instructor-led time, and 60 hours of self-led activities.

    Besides having to track your progress via tests, almost every aspect of the program is customizable to suit the needs of you or your child. Upon passing the requirements for graduation, we will provide you with your transcript!

    We work with students of nearly all ages. The only requirement for our high school credits is that students be at least 12 years or older.

    There are no restrictions such as previous credits in order to take our course.

    Those who recognize the value of speaking a new language in a meaningful way. Our goal is to help each student become conversational in Spanish, at a minimum.

    In the US, bilingual professionals earn $7,000/yr more* on average than their monolingual counterparts. We believe bilingualism should be possible while pursuing credentials. Separately, you’ll gain cultural enrichment in working with our team based in Latin America.

    We are able to adapt a solution to the needs of each student. For the ambitious, an accelerated schedule of as little as 3 months can be arranged.

    If schedule restrictions are an issue, opt for a less-intensive course. Many students aim to complete the credit requirements in 4-6 months.

    No, we are not. With the individualized programs we offer, it would be very difficult to gain accreditation in the global marketplace. Currently, we work with students in nearly every country in the world.

    Rather than inundate our team with new restrictions of having to abide by global educational practices, we have chosen to simply partner with US based institutions. US credits are transferable and recognized by nearly all high schools and higher education institutions globally.

    We consistently work with students who report abysmal results from their time in school, with little to no ability to speak Spanish after years studying. Our tact is completely different. Our individualized approach prioritizes your proficiency in the language.

    Yes, our students earn credits. However, we also want students to successfully speak the language in the real world (and most can after a matter of months). This is extremely valuable for professional and personal development.

    Our distance-learning programs are enabled by our remote team in Latin America, which allows us to provide premium solutions at an affordable rate.

    Each credit includes 60 hours of 1:1 tutoring and 60 hours of homework material, plus all necessary exams. Our course fee starts at as little as $99 USD per month (for 24 months) and covers everything you will need. Payment plans, subsidies, and financial assistance may be available upon request.

    Our students are required to meet academic standards to qualify for approval of their credits. In the unlikely event that a student is unable to initially meet these requirements, we provide resources and recovery assignments until they are able to do so.


    We can make no guarantee of a credit if our students do not follow through with their responsibilities. However, we will do everything in our power to help our students succeed.