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  • Up to five classes per week
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  • Cancel anytime you want
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$699/6 month

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  • Formative assessment (on request)
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Success Stories

At the core of every business is a great success story. Here we bring you a collection of stories highlighting how SpanishVIP has contributed to become conversational in Spanish with their tutors from all over the world.

Students: Tirzah

Tutor: Vivana

Plan: Conversational

Students: Violet

Tutor: July

Plan: Fluent

Students: Chris

Tutor: Edison

Plan: Conversational

Why SpanishVIP?

Comparing our model to alternative ways of learning Spanish will give you a better understanding why it’s the best option for you.


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Individual classes
Native Speakers
Individual classes
Native Speakers
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Learn remotely

Why SpanishVIP?

The most popular plan is our Conversational plan. For many of our students, this is an effective way to begin learning Spanish without a big upfront investment. Once they see that our program works, many students move on to the Fluent plan to take them to the next level.

Many of our students come to us with very little Spanish. This is perfectly fine. We have teachers and lessons built for every student, at every level. If you’re new to Spanish, we’ll start slow so that you can get comfortable fast.

Our classes are available from 6AM-8PM CST, Monday through Saturday. Currently, all private students require a recurring, set schedule. This ensures you lock in as many classes as possible! You can also ping your teacher for last-minute classes if they’re available, perfect for those with tricky schedules.

We have content for all types of learners, big and small. Whether you’re learning as an individual, or want to give your child a brighter future by learning a new language, you or your child will have all of the tools needed to become fluent in Spanish.

Our company HQ is in Toronto, Canada. Our teachers work from our offices in Latin America and remotely during COVID-19. We have offices here in order to provide jobs and lower costs to our students!

We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your SpanishVIP plan at any time. We don’t lock you into any lengthy contract. Moreover, since you own all learning materials, you can still use anything we’ve provided you in case you want to study independently.

We structure your curriculum around your current level of comprehension and goals in learning Spanish. When you start your classes, a teacher will sit down with you to figure out why you’re learning Spanish, and custom tailor a lesson plan to you. Every class will focus on materials that are important to you — whether it’s for work, travel, or otherwise.

If you have a tight schedule and feel motivated to learn Spanish, we can help. Our teachers are trained to move at your pace and tailor lessons based around your individual needs and interests. This means that you’ll advance as fast as possible regardless of your current level or reasons for learning the language.

When students work with us, it’s because they’ve had less than optimal results from apps, courses, or online tutors. We take the time to discover your unique learning style, goals, interests, and problem areas. Classes with a dedicated teacher are significantly more effective as they are geared to your individual needs.

All classes take place via online video chat like Skype or Zoom. Your teacher will also provide you with a copy of the lesson and worksheets to follow along and organize vocabulary and themes you learn on each class.

Using our SSL secured payment gateway, you can sign up with your credit card or debit card. Your personal information is always safe. We also accept PayPal, you can email to request this.

Ensuring you actually learn how to speak Spanish is what’s important to us. If you decide that you don’t absolutely love your classes at any time in the first 7 days on a paid program, send us an email and we’ll provide you with a complete refund. No questions asked.*