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Private Classes Group Classes SpanishVIP+
Private Classes Group Classes SpanishVIP+


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$249 / month

  • Up to five classes per week
  • Perfect Teacher™ assignment
  • Unlimited standard homework and activities
  • Custom curriculum material
  • Exclusive access to conversation exchanges
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Fully commit with intensive support (+1 month free)

$1,195 / 6 months

  • Everything in Conversational, plus:
  • Private interviews to select your teacher
  • Unlimited personalized homework
  • Progress tracking with Student Success
  • Formative assessment on request
  • Saturday and evening lessons (pending availability)
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With more than 400+ five-star reviews on Trustpilot, it’s clear that students trust our team. See what some of our students have written about why they love SpanishVIP.

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Why SpanishVIP?

SpanishVIP+ is for people who are highly motivated to learn the language and will do everything it takes to achieve that reality. Learning efficiently and having every tool at your disposal requires resources that we offer via this premium service. Pair up with our most talented teachers and set yourself up for success.

Each student moves at their own unique speed, responding to different styles of learning, with a personal set of goals. Understanding this allows our teachers to create a comprehensive program that is dynamic and custom-tailored at the individual level. This allows for maximum efficiency while keeping things fun.

You’ll be able to work directly with your teacher to craft homework and curriculum material that best suits your needs and topics of interest. Every aspect of your program is customizable and can be built from the ground up to ensure it’s effective, serve your needs, and doesn’t feel like a boring classroom.

We’ll allow you to meet with multiple teachers in 15-minute “interviews” to ensure you select the teacher you connect with the most. Of course, these teacher candidates will be provided through our Perfect Teacher assignment process. You simply have more control and options over selecting your teacher.

Every member of our team is selected for excellence and intensively trained on our methodology. However, some of our teachers go far above and beyond the call of duty. They are seasoned vets that understand how to work with students of all backgrounds; to give you what you need, at the speed you want, while making it enjoyable. You get priority access to these talented teachers.

Simply put, this program requires immense attention from our team — from teachers to our Student Success Advisors. We deliver a white-glove service, and as such, it needs to be priced in accordance with the effort we provide. Frankly, the value we provide far exceeds anything in the market at this price and is thus highly affordable. Our goal is to ensure that expert attention isn’t out of reach due to financial concerns.

Regardless of how much personalization we offer, some students like to have a certain level of structure with an end goal in mind. The Learning Path is our curriculum guide which is delivered by our Student Success team. This will give you a sequential guide to selecting classes so that you can advance through comprehension in the correct stages.

We’ll do everything within our power to ensure you speak Spanish fluently in the shortest time possible. It depends on how committed you are. If you have time available, we highly encourage signing up for a bundle of SpanishVIP+ with unlimited group classes. It’s affordable and helps you get a truly immersive experience that rivals any other language education in the world.