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Published on: Vocabulary

Spanish Words That Start With L

Today, we submerge ourselves into the fascinating sphere of Spanish vocabulary, casting the spotlight on the letter “L”. This particular letter holds a significant presence in the Spanish language and is integral to numerous words and phrases.

No matter if you’re just embarking on your Spanish learning journey as a beginner or you’re an experienced linguist seeking to broaden your word bank, you’ve landed at the right place. 

This blog post invites you to explore the myriad of Spanish words starting with the letter “L”, delving into their meanings, applications, and roots.

From everyday words like “libro” (book) and “luz” (light) to more specialized vocabulary like “laringe” (larynx) and “lexicología” (lexicology), we’ve got you covered. We’ll also be looking at common phrases that start with “L” such as “la vida loca” (the crazy life) and “lo siento” (I’m sorry).

As a result of perusing this blog post, not only will you boost your vocabulary, but you’ll also obtain a more profound comprehension of the Spanish language in its entirety. 

By unveiling the nuances of various words and phrases, you’ll enhance your communication with native Spanish speakers and extend your cultural understanding of the language.

Whether your goal is to ace your upcoming Spanish exam, to impress your Spanish-speaking peers at the office, or simply to enrich your personal vocabulary, this blog is your key. 

So, let’s begin to unfold the categories of Spanish words that start with “L” such as “lapiz” (pencil) and “mesa” (table) on this enlightening list. 

With translation provided for each word, we assure that you’ll leave this post with a treasure trove of newfound knowledge and a greater admiration for the beauty and complexity of the Spanish language.

Some History Of The Letter L In The Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish letter “L” has a rich history that goes back to its origins in the Phoenician alphabet. Over time, this symbol evolved into the Greek letter “Lambda” and the Latin letter “L.”

During the Middle Ages, the letter “L” was often used in ligatures, where it was combined with other letters such as “I” to create a new symbol. This ligature was called “eli,” and it is still sometimes used in medieval manuscripts.

In Spanish, the letter “L” is pronounced as a voiced alveolar lateral approximant, which means that the tongue is placed against the alveolar ridge, and air is allowed to pass on either side of the tongue. 

The letter “L” is an important letter in Spanish, appearing in many common words such as “amor” (love), “luz” (light), and “libertad” (freedom).

The letter “L” has also played an important role in Spanish literature. It has been used in many famous works, including “La Celestina” by Fernando de Rojas and “La vida es sueño” by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. 

In modern times, the letter “L” continues to be an important part of the Spanish language and culture. It appears in the names of many famous Spanish speakers, including the artist Pablo Picasso, the author Gabriel García Márquez, and the soccer player Lionel Messi.

Overall, the letter “L” has a long and interesting history in the Spanish language, and it remains an important and significant part of Spanish culture today.

Spanish Nouns Starting With L (Sustantivos)

Nouns are a fundamental part of any language, including Spanish. They are words that refer to people, places, things, or ideas, and they can be classified as either masculine or feminine. In Spanish, the gender of a noun is important, as it affects the form of other words in a sentence.

Let’s see some nouns starting with J in Spanish:

Spanish  English 
Lactancia Breastfeeding
Lágrima Tear
Lámina Sheet (of paper, metal, etc.)
Lámpara Lamp
Lancha Boat
Lápida Gravestone
Lapicera Pen
Lapso Lapse
Laringe Larynx
Látex Látex
Lavabo Sink or washbasin
Lavadora Washing machine
Lazo Bow
Lechón Suckling pig
Legado Legacy
Legumbre Legume
Lenguaje Language
Lente Lens
Leña Firewood
León Lion
Ley Law
Leyenda Legend
Libro Book
Licor Liquor
Líder Leader
Lienzo Canvas
Liga League
Limpieza Cleaning


The Spanish word for the letter “L” is “ele” (pronounced eh-leh), which is a homophone for the Spanish word for “he” (él). This can sometimes lead to confusion or jokes, such as the phrase “Elle es una letra, no un hombre” (She’s a letter, not a man).

Image by KamranAydinov via Freepik

Spanish Verbs Starting With L (Verbos)

Verbs are words that express an action, occurrence, or state of being. In Spanish, verbs are an essential part of speech and are used to convey a wide range of meanings, including describing actions, expressing emotions, and indicating changes in state or condition.

Here is a list of Spanish verbs starting with “L”:

Spanish  English 
Lamentar  To regret or lament
Lanzar To throw or launch
Lavar To wash
Leer To read
Legitimar To legitimize
Levantar To lift or raise
Liberar To liberate or free
Licenciar To license or dismiss
Lidiar To fight or struggle
Ligar To bind or connect
Limitar To limit or restrict
Limpiar To clean
Llamar To call
Llegar To arrive or come
Llenar To fill
Llevar To carry or wear
Luchar To fight or struggle
Lustrar To shine or polish  

Spanish Adverbs Starting With L (Adverbios)

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, adding more detail to how or in what manner something is done. In Spanish, adverbs often end in “-mente” and are generally placed after the verb or phrase they modify.

Here is a list of Spanish adverbs starting with “L”:

Spanish English
Laboriosamente Laboriously
Lamentablemente Unfortunately
Lateralmente Laterally
Lealmente Loyally
Legalmente Legally
Lentamente Slowly
Ligeramente Lightly
Linealmente Linearly
Literalmente Literally
Lógicamente Logically
Longitudinalmente  Longitudinally
Lucidamente Lucidly
Luminosamente Luminously
Lujosamente Luxuriously
Luminosamente Luminously
Image by wayhomestudio via Freepik

Spanish Adjectives Starting With L (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are words used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns, indicating their attributes or qualities. In Spanish, adjectives generally come after the noun they modify, and their endings often agree in gender and number with the noun they describe.

Here is a list of Spanish adjectives starting with “L”:

Spanish English
Largo Long
Lamentable Regrettable
Laminado Laminated
Lateral Lateral
Latente Latent
Leal Loyal
Legal Legal
Legible  Legible 
Leñoso Woody
Leve Light
Liberal Liberal
Liberado Liberated
Libertario Libertarian
Lícito Lawful
Ligero Light
Limpio Clean
Lineal Linear
Lírico Lyrical
Liso Smooth
Literario Literary
Literal Literal
Lluvioso Rainy
Local Local
Loco Crazy
Lodoso Muddy
Lógico Logical
Longevo Long-lived
Longitudinal Longitudinal
Luminoso Luminous
Lunático Lunatic
Lúcido Lucid
Lujoso Luxurious
Luminiscente Luminous
Lúdico Playful
Lustrado Shiny


The Spanish word “lluvia” (rain) used to be spelled with a “y” (as in “yuvia”), but it was changed to a double “l” in the early 20th century to distinguish it from the word “yuca” (yucca).

Are You Ready For Learning Spanish?

We have seen that the Spanish language is rich in vocabulary, and the letter “L” alone brings a multitude of interesting nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to learn and use in everyday communication. 

From everyday words likelibroand “leche” to more complex terms like “luminiscente” and “libertario,” the letter “L” represents a fascinating world of linguistic possibilities.

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