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Published on: Vocabulary

How To Say “Have A Good Weekend” In Spanish

The weekend is here! The most awaited time of the week, when many people rest, it’s time to watch a movie or even go out to a party without worrying about waking up early to go to school or work the next day.

When we hear “Have a good weekend” it gives us a sense of relaxation and we think “Finally, the end of the week!” Especially because young Spanish speakers have a very strong culture of partying on a Saturday, and adults prefer to stay at home resting. Any way you look at it, it’s the time of the week when we clear our minds a bit.

So wishing another person a happy weekend is a polite and friendly farewell that is also part of manners, so it is an essential part of our vocabulary. And if you are studying another language, it is one of the main things you should learn, especially if it is Spanish, where it is so widely used.

Like almost all Spanish expressions, it has several ways of being said, depending on the situation and the person you are talking to. In this article, you will learn how to say “have a nice weekend” in Spanish, some alternatives, and other phrases related to the weekend.  

Any native speaker will surely appreciate it if you wish them a great weekend! So let’s start learning.

How To Say Have A Good Weekend In Spanish

“Have a good weekend” in Spanish, it is said as “ten un buen fin de semana”. It’s as simple as that!

The word “weekend” as such does not exist in Spanish, therefore, it is said as “fin de semana”. “Fin” is “end” and “semana” is “week”. Therefore, it is literally translated as “the end of the week”.

“Ten un buen fin de semana” can be used for both formality and informality, so in this case, you don’t have to worry about the level of formality. You can say it to anyone, and it will sound fine. 

For the conjugation, however, you should keep in mind that “ten” is an imperative form of conjugation of the verb tener. So you have to take into account whether you say it to one person or to several people. 

Although it is a good option for both formal and informal contexts, if you want to give it a one hundred percent formal tone, you can replace “ten” with “tenga”, i.e. “tenga (usted) un buen fin de semana”. 

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Different Ways To Say Have a Good Weekend In Spanish

Here are some more diverse and friendly options to wish your friends, co-workers, or schoolmates a good weekend in Spanish. Add them to your vocabulary and practice them!

  1. ¡Buen finde!

It is the short, informal, and friendly version of saying “ten un buen fin de semana”. “Finde” is short for “weekend”. Use it with close friends.

  2. Que pases un buen fin de semana

It’s another fairly common way, and in this context “que tengas” and “que pases” mean the same thing. So it’s practically the same as saying “que tengas un buen fin de semana”.

  3. Feliz finde

Same as the first option, using “finde” as an abbreviation for “fin de semana” and this time using “feliz” to add a more cheerful and fun tone. 

  4. Nos vemos el lunes 

It’s what you usually say to your schoolmates or friends, you’re not exactly looking forward to a weekend, but you’re letting them know that you want to see them again on Monday, as it translates to “see you on Monday”.

  5. Excelente fin de semana

“Excelente”, “buen”, “feliz” and any other similar adjective can be used in this sentence. You are wishing them an “excellent weekend”.

  6. Disfruten el fin de semana

It is very common to say this when you say goodbye to your friends at work on a Friday, as you are telling them to “enjoy the weekend”.

If you learn how to wish a good weekend in Spanish, we recommend that you also learn how to say good morning in Spanish and how to say good night in Spanish. So keep checking our blog to learn more essential vocabulary.

How To Ask How Was The Weekend In Spanish?

Asking in Spanish “How was your weekend?” is just as simple.

“How was your weekend?” in Spanish is “¿cómo estuvo tu fin de semana?” This is the direct translation and the most common way to ask it. 

Of course, there are other ways to ask “How was your weekend” in Spanish. So here are the most common ones.

  1. ¿Qué tal estuvo tu fin de semana?

It means the same thing as “How was your weekend?” only it’s a slightly different way of asking it.

  2. ¿Cómo la pasaste el fin de semana?

Like the previous one, it means the same as “How was your weekend?” but it’s a different way of asking it.

  3. ¿Cómo estuvo tu finde? / ¿Qyé tal el finde?

We already know that “finde” is short for “fin de semana” (weekend) so this is another way of asking “How was your weekend” but more friendly and colloquial.

  4. ¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana?

Here we are not asking precisely how was your weekend, but rather what did you do over the weekend. It translates as “What did you do over the weekend?”

  5. ¿Descansaste el fin de semana?

Here we are also not asking how the weekend was, but we are showing interest in knowing if you were able to rest over the weekend since we are asking “Did you rest over the weekend?”.

  6. ¿Fuiste de fiesta el fin de semana?

We also didn’t ask if he had a good weekend, but we asked something very similar, as we asked: “Did you go partying over the weekend?”

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Weekend Vocabulary In Spanish

Now let’s learn some vocabulary to be able to have conversations about the weekend like native speakers. Let’s not only learn how to ask how the weekend was but also learn how to respond after they respond to us. Add this to your vocabulary and practice it!

Spanish English 
Fiesta Party
Descansar To rest
¿Fuiste a la fiesta de María? Did you go to Maria’s party?
Fui al cine con amigos. I went to the movies with friends.
Fui a visitar a mi familia. I went to visit my family.
Fui a una fiesta. I went to a party.
Estuve descansando. I rested.
También trabajé. Working, too.
¿Qué vas a hacer el fin de semana? What are you doing this weekend?
Viernes Friday
Sábado Saturday
Domingo Sunday
Fui de compras. I went shopping.
No hice nada especial. I didn’t do anything special.

Improve Your Spanish Starting Today!

Now that you have read this article you can start having conversations about the weekend in Spanish. Wishing your friends or coworkers a good weekend makes you a much more well-mannered person and can be worth much more than a simple goodbye. With any of the phrases you have learned here, you can start practicing your Spanish language skills!

So now that you know the different ways to wish “good weekend” it’s time to start using them! Just keep in mind that you can use them whenever you are going to say farewell to someone you won’t be seeing again during the weekend.

To talk about the weekend it is essential that you also know the days of the week in Spanish. So visit this article where we teach you how to say the days of the week in Spanish.

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