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Published on: Vocabulary

The Best Spanish Dog Names for Your Furry Friends

You must be extremely happy with the new puppy you just brought home, as well as the little cachorrito to have a new best friend. It is now time to give him a  name, and what a great moment to get you more attached to the Spanish language than giving a Spanish Dog Name to him or her.

Naming your pet is EXTREMELY important, your pet’s name reflects his or her personality, remember that you’ll be calling your dog 1,000,000 times, so take your time to find the perfect name!

There are many reasons why you might look into Spanish dog names: 

  • You can take advantage of your Spanish Lessons and talk to your dog exclusively in Spanish.
  • You want to reflect your love for the Spanish Language and the Spanish Culture.
  • You want a name that reflects your dog’s personality and identity.

Cute, funny, and lovable, We’re bringing you the best Spanish Dog Names for your little Spanish puppy and we’re going to teach you some essential vocabulary that you can use with him/her as well.

Vocabulary for dogs in Spanish

Basic terms for dogs in Spanish

El perro es el mejor amigo del hombre.  – Perro (male dog) 

The dog is the man’s best friend.


Mis perros son muy juguetones. – Perros (Dogs).

My dogs are very playful.


Mi perrita hembra se llama Chicha. – Perra/Perrita (Female dog)

My female dog is called Chicha.


Mi perro es apenas un cachorro. – Cachorro/a (puppy)

My dog is just a puppy.

Describing your pet in Spanish

Can you describe your pet in Spanish? These terms will help you out when describing the basic aspects of a dog.

Adjectives for dogs in Spanish

Español English  Example
Chico / pequeño small Mi cachorra aún está muy pequeña.
Grande big You Tengo un pitbull que es muy grande.
Peludo furry Mi puddle es muy peludo, me encanta!
Hembra female Tengo cuatro perros, dos macho y dos hembras.
Macho male Adopté a un perro macho.
Amistoso friendly No te preocupes, mi perra es amistosa, no hará ningún daño!
Juguetón playful Mi cachorro es muy juguentón, ¡se la pasa jugando todo el día!
Tímido shy Ten cuidado, mi perro es muy timido, ¡no lo asustes!
Tierno sweet Tu perra es muy tierna, ¿cómo se llama?
Adorable adorable Me encanta esta perra, es muy adorable. ¡Me la llevo!

Dog-related nouns in Spanish

Español English
(El) Refugio Place where abandoned animals are cared for.
(El/La) Cachorro/a Very young dog.
(La) Caquita Solid animal waste.
(El) Pis Liquid animal waste.
(La) Mordida Biting action.
(La) Raza Ethnicity of the animal.
(El) Perro de aguas Breed of dog.
(La) Ansiedad Feelings of nervousness, fear, and worry.

Dog-related verbs in Spanish

Spanish Verbs Meaning
Adoptar (un animal) Take in an animal as a pet.
Portarse bien / mal Be good or bad.
Adaptarse Accommodate to a situation.
Hacer sus necesidades Go to the bathroom.
Ladrar The sound of dogs *woof* (English) / *guau* (Spanish)
Morder Put pressure on the teeth.
Acariciar Touch affectionately with your hands.
Dar de comer Feed.
Hacer caso Pay attention, show interest.
Escarbar Make a hole in the ground with your hands.
Sacar (al perro) Walk the dog and go out with him to the street.
Dar la patita When the animal greets with its paw.

The best names that you can put to your cute little friend

Now let’s show you the real reason you came in, we thoroughly researched the most popular Spanish dog names out there, and we hope you can consider giving one of these to your puppy!

Top 10 best Spanish names for male dogs

After doing in-depth research, we gathered the most popular Spanish names for dogs for you to choose from.

  • Bruno (Most Popular)
  • Maximo
  • Niño
  • Lucas
  • Toby
  • Milo
  • Zeus
  • Pancho
  • Bimba
  • Leo

Other popular Spanish names for male dogs you should consider

Balto Leon Mateo Pokemón
Bruno Lobo Negro Poncho
Chico Loki Odi Rey
Dante Luca Oliver Rio
Guardian Luka Oreo Rocco
Hugo Macho Pac Sancho
Leche Otto Pluto Simba
Fido Dobby Canelo Taco
Chupeta Doki Kiko Rambo
Brando Wilo Toston Pepito

Top 10 best Spanish names for female dogs

We didn’t forget our female dogs either. Here are the most popular names for female dogs in Spanish culture.

  • Coco (Most Popular)
  • Maya
  • Camila
  • Luna
  • Molly
  • Nala
  • Mila
  • Frida
  • Kira
  • Lola

Other popular Spanish names for female dogs

Frida Princesa Aceituna Crema
Flor Ariana Esmeralda Vainilla
Nube Estrella Margarita Cosita
Arenita Pelusa Chispita Linda
Bella Nina Nana Abril
Banana Perdita Chispitas Amor
Blanca Canela Bombón Almendra
Laia Laika Lila Isla
Merlina Matilda Mila Cuki

Food-inspired Spanish dog names

If your dog is a food-lover, you might as well want to pick these food names in Spanish:

Choose a name that sounds good and makes you happy. The most important thing is that you like the name and that it makes you smile every time you call your dog. You can use Spanish names that are cute, funny, or creative. For example, “Coco” is a common and adorable name for dogs, it is normally used on dog breeds that have short, white, brown, curly hair. like poodles. 

  • Empanada
  • Churro
  • Tortilla
  • Gazpacho
  • Arepa
  • Salchicha (perfect for Dachshund dogs)
  • Patata
  • Galleta
  • Taco
  • Chorizo
  • Tomate
  • Paella
  • Hierba
  • Croqueta
  • Gamba (meaning prawn)
  • Sabroso/a (meaning tasty)
  • Jamon

Spanish dog names are inspired by their temperament or appearance

In the same way, here are some names that you can give to him/her if you want the name to reflect his personality or appearance:

  • Blanco/a (In case your dog is white)
  • Alma (If your dog is quiet)
  • Lobo (If your dog is always howling)
  • Zorro (If your dog is aggressive / loves to hunt)
  • Mullido/a (If your dog is fluffy and soft)
  • Pequeño/a (If your dog is small)
  • Dulce (If your dog is kind)
  • Feliz (If your dog is happy and Joyful)
  • Lindo/a (If your dog is cute)
  • Tonto/a (If your dog is silly)

Powerful names in Spanish for dogs

If you want to give a charismatic Spanish name with a strong presence to your dog, here are some ideas:

  • Kronos
  • Kira
  • Alano
  • Luna
  • Thor
  • Nala
  • Zeus
  • Lola
  • Max
  • Bimba
  • Rambo
  • Ares
  • Sif
  • Fenrir
  • Fantasma
  • Merlin

Looking for great ideas to name your kitty in Spanish? We have also compiled a list of the best Spanish cat names. Make sure to check it out!

Best funny dog names in Spanish

Pick these Spanish names if your dog is always playful and silly:

  • Bam-Bam
  • Bandido
  • Barbas
  • Bola
  • Comida
  • Coco
  • Casanova
  • Darth Perro
  • Perro Ninja
  • Feíto
  • Milaneso
  • Pollo frito
  • Perro
  • Topo 
  • Hamburgueso

Cute dog names in Spanish

And finally, we’re bringing you the cutest name for your cute puppy:

  • Señor Bigotes
  • Bizcocho
  • Bolita
  • Señor Orejas.
  • Cacahuete
  • Chupete
  • Comino
  • Coquito
  • Flaco
  • Fofo
  • Chanchito
  • Güapeton/Güapetona
  • Algodon
  • Cremita
  • Angelito

What to say to your pup: 10 essential Spanish commands for your dog

Teaching your dog commands in Spanish can be a rewarding way to practice the language. And you’ll have a lot of fun showing off your Spanish-speaking dog! 

There are plenty of helpful words and phrases you can learn to teach Spanish commands to your perrito. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. “Good boy” and “Bad boy” in Spanish

When you’re training your dog, you’ll need a phrase to reward him with positive praise and affection. So when he’s done well, you can say:

  • ¡Buen Chico!
  • ¿Quién es un buen perro eh? ¿QUIÉN?
  • ¡Buen Perro!

On the other hand, if he behaves not too well, you can say:

  • ¡Mal perro, mal!
  • ¡No lo vuelvas a hacer! ¿Me entendiste?

2. “Let’s Go” in Spanish

“Let’s go!” means ¡vamos! and you can use it to command your dog to get moving from the place he’s at, you may also want to tell him to go somewhere specific, like outside. In that situation, use ¡Para afuera! if you want him to go outside.

3. “Sit” and “Stay” in Spanish

The two golden commands that every dog should learn are “sit” and “stay”.

These two commands are the basics for teaching obedience and the starting point for other tricks, so it’s good to start here with Spanish dog commands. For “sit”, you can say:

  • Siéntate
  • Sentado

 And for “stay”, you can use:

  • Quieto
  • Quedate ahi
  • No te muevas

4. “Take It” and “Drop It” in Spanish

If you’re playing with your dog, these are useful phrases to learn. You can tell your dog to “take it” by saying:

  • ¡Tóma-lo/la!
  • ¡Agarra-lo/la!
  • ¡Coge-lo/la!

If you’re playing with a ball, you’ll need to tell your dog to drop it so you can throw it again. In that case, say suelta. If you’re combining it with the noun of what you want your dog to drop, add “lo” or “la”, like Suelta la bola (“Drop the ball”).


The suffixes lo, la, los, and las at the end of every verb in command form are what we call direct object pronouns in Spanish. They are used to stand in for a noun that has directly received the action of a verb and has already been mentioned in either the same sentence or in a previous sentence. 

They’re used to avoid repeating the object in the same sentence. So, instead of “Suelta la bola”, you can say, “sueltala”.

We cover this topic in depth in our guides on Spanish direct object pronouns and on how to master “Lo” in Spanish.. Make sure to check them out too.

5. “Stop” and “Quiet” in Spanish

You can use these commands to tell your dog not to do something. 

  • ¡Detente!
  • ¡Para!
  • ¡Ya basta!

If your dog is barking too much, go on and say:

  • ¡Silencio!
  • ¡Deja de ladrar!

6. “Give Me Your Paw” in Spanish

A cute little trick to teach your dog is to “shake” or “give me your paw” for that you can say:

  • Dame tu pata.
  • ¿La patita?
  • Dame la patita.

We have even more commands that you can teach to your cachorrito, check the 15 Easy Dog Commands in Spanish to Teach Your Pup!

We’re Happy That You’re Happy

Choosing a name for your dog is a very fun and important part of your dog’s life, it is the moment you’re going to read the unique aspects of your dog and summarize all of them with an original name. 

And why not? Let’s use what we’ve learned in our Spanish lessons, and teach your new dog these cool commands in Spanish, do you think he would be able to understand and follow your orders?

Last but not least, we would like to give you another small challenge to use this new Spanish vocabulary that we just showed you. The challenge is to call one of your family or friends who knows Spanish and describe the basic aspects of your dog completely in Spanish, do you think you can do that?

Now, the great question is: are you ready to take your and your cachorrito’s Spanish to the next level? You can sign up for a free Spanish lesson or a 7-day free trial of our group classes so you can practice what you learned. It’s completely free, and your dog will surely thank you for that!

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