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Spanish Words That Start With R

Welcome to our blog focused on Spanish words beginning with the letter R! Spanish is an eloquent and vibrant language, steeped in a rich history and culture that has had a profound global impact. 

Learning this new language can pave the way for exciting opportunities, be it travel, business, or personal development.

One efficient method to boost your Spanish vocabulary is by concentrating on Spanish words that start with a particular letter, such as “R” in our case. 

This blog takes you on an expedition through the diverse Spanish words that start with R, encompassing everyday nouns and verbs, illustrative adjectives, and handy adverbs.

We will plunge into the meanings and uses of these Spanish words, and provide context-based examples. This will enable you to understand their true essence, and how to roll your tongue to get the Spanish pronunciation just right. 

Whether you’re a novice just beginning to learn Spanish or an intermediate speaker aiming to widen your vocabulary, our blog caters to all.

This blog aspires to be a valuable tool in your journey of learning Spanish, covering words and phrases from Spain to Latin America. So, let’s dive into the captivating world of Spanish words starting with the letter R. 

Watch as we unravel each word from its beginning to its end, create a better understanding of Spanish pronunciation, and remember to check back for more. 

Let’s embark on this exploration of the wonderful world of Spanish words starting with R together!

History Of The Letter R In The Spanish Alphabet

The letter “R” has a rich history in the Spanish alphabet. The Spanish language developed from Latin, and the letter “R” was part of the original Latin alphabet. However, over time, the pronunciation of the letter evolved in Spanish, and so did its representation in writing.

In Old Spanish, the letter “R” was pronounced as a trill, like the “R” in the Italian language. However, in the 16th century, the pronunciation of the letter began to change, and it became a flap, similar to the “tt” sound in the English word “butter.” 

This sound change resulted in a significant difference in the way Spanish speakers pronounce the letter “R” compared to speakers of other Romance languages.

The modern Spanish alphabet includes the letter “R,” which is pronounced as a flap or trill, depending on the speaker’s region and dialect. The Spanish “R” is one of the most challenging sounds for non-native speakers to master, and many language learners struggle with it.

In addition to the standard “R,” there are two other variations of the letter in Spanish: the “RR,” which is pronounced as a double trill, and the “r” with a diacritical mark, called the “r suave,” which is pronounced as a soft flap. 

These variations add complexity to the already challenging Spanish “R,” making it one of the most distinctive and important sounds in the language.


The letter “R” is also used in many Spanish words to indicate a rolling or flowing motion, as in “río” (river) or “correr” (to run).

Difference Between “R” and “RR” in Spanish

In the Spanish language, the letters “R” and “RR” are distinct letters that represent different sounds.

The letter “R” is pronounced as a single flap or tap of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. This sound is similar to the “tt” sound in the American English pronunciation of the word “butter” and it’s used in words such as “pero” (but), “caro” (expensive), and “tarde” (afternoon).

On the other hand, the letter “RR” (double R) represents a trilled or rolled “R” sound. This is created by rapidly vibrating the tip of the tongue against the alveolar ridge (the bumpy ridge behind the upper teeth). 

This sound is similar to the “RR” sound in the English word “ferret”. The trilled “RR” sound is used in words such as “perro” (dog), “arroz” (rice), and “correr” (to run).

The distinction between the “R” and “RR” sounds is important in Spanish because it can change the meaning of a word. For example, the word “para” means “for” or “to” with a single “R”, but “perra” means “female dog” with a double “RR”. 

Similarly, “caro” means “expensive” with a single “R”, but “carro” means “car” with a double “RR”.

In summary, the letters “R” and “RR” represent different sounds in Spanish, with the single “R” representing a flap or tap sound and the double “RR” representing a trilled or rolled sound. The distinction between these sounds is important because it can change the meaning of a word.

Spanish Nouns Starting With R (Sustantivos)

Nouns are words that represent people, animals, objects, places, or concepts. In Spanish, nouns can be either masculine or feminine, and they can be singular or plural.

Here are some common Spanish nouns starting with R:

Spanish  English 
Rana  Frog
Razonamiento Reasoning
Reacción Reaction
Realidad  Reality
Rebanada Slice
Rebote Rebound
Recado Message
Receta Recipe
Recompensa  Reward
Rector Rector
Red Net
Regalo Gift
Región Region
Registro Registry
Reina Queen
Relación Relationship
Religión Religion
Remedio Remedy
Rencor Rancor
Renombre Renown
Renta Income
Reserva  Reservation
Resolución Resolution
Respuesta Response
Restaurante Restaurant
Retrato Portrait
Revolución Revolution
Rico Rich
Riesgo Risk
Image via pressfoto by Freepik

Spanish Verbs Starting With R (Verbos)

Verbs are words that express actions, processes, or states of being. They are often the main component of a sentence and can be modified by adverbs, objects, or other grammatical elements.

Here are some common Spanish verbs starting with R:

Spanish  English 
Recibir To Receive
Recordar To Remember
Realizar To Carry Out
Reanudar To Resume
Rebasar  To Surpass
Recargar To Recharge
Reconocer To Recognize
Recomendar To Recommend
Reconciliar To Reconcile
Recorrer To Travel Through
Recortar To Cut Back
Recuperar To Recover
Redactar To Write
Reducir To Reduce
Reemplazar To Replace
Reflexionar  To Reflect
Refrescar  To Refresh
Reformar To Reform
Refrigerar To Refrigerate
Regalar To Give As A Gift
Regañar To Scold
Regar To Water
Registrar To Register
Regular To Regulate
Reinar To Reign
Reír To Laugh
Reiterar To Reiterate
Relajarse To Relax
Relevar To Relieve
Remar To Row

Spanish Adverbs Starting With R (Adverbios)

Adverbs are words that modify or describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They often provide information about time, frequency, manner, degree, or place.

Here are some common Spanish adverbs starting with R:

Spanish English
Rápidamente Quickly
Realmente Really
Raramente Rarely
Raudamente Swiftly
Recién Recently
Regularmente Regularly
Relativamente Relatively
Remotamente Remotely
Repetidamente Repeatedly
Respetuosamente Respectfully
Rigurosamente Rigorously
Ruidosamente Noisily
Raramente Rarely
Razonablemente  Reasonably
Realmente Really
Regularmente Regularly
Relajadamente Relaxedly
Repentinamente Suddenly
Repetitivamente Repetitively
Resueltamente Resolutely
Revolucionariamente Revolutionarily
Ricamente Richly
Ruidosamente Loudly
Rudamente Rudely
Rítmicamente Rhythmically
Rotativamente Rotatively
Image by gpointstudio via Freepik

Spanish Adjectives Starting With R (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns or pronouns. They often provide information about characteristics, qualities, or attributes of the subject.

Here are some common Spanish adjectives starting with R:

Spanish English
Raro Rare, Strange
Rápido Fast
Real Real
Rebosante Overflowing
Reciente Recent
Recio Strong, Tough
Reconfortante Comforting
Rectangular Rectangular
Redondo Round
Reflexivo Reflective
Refrescante Refreshing
Regio Regal, Royal
Regular Regular
Reincidente Repeat Offender
Relajado Relaxed
Relevante Relevant
Religioso Religious
Remoto Remote
Renovado Renewed
Renovable Renewable
Repetitivo Repetitive
Repleto Full, Packed
Representativo Representative
Reservado Reserved
Respetable Respectable
Responsable Responsible
Resplandeciente Resplendent
Rico Rich

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