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Published on: Vocabulary

Spanish Words That Start with T

Did you know that Spanish and English share a plethora of cognates? And guess what? Many of these cognates come alive with the tantalizing touch of the letter T. As we wade into the ocean of the Spanish language, we discover words starting with T that will tease, tempt, and tickle your linguistic fancy. Eager to expand your Spanish vocabulary? Stick with us, and you’ll become the toast of every conversational table!

History Of Letter T In Spanish Language

The letter T, just like in English, holds a tenacious place in Spanish. Originating from the Phoenician letter Teth, this character has always represented a ‘t’ sound. But here’s a twist: in Spanish, the letter T is pronounced softer than its English counterpart. Place your tongue at the back of your upper teeth, give it a try, and you’ll capture that authentic Spanish essence!

Spanish Nouns Starting With T (Sustantivos)

At the very foundation of every language, nouns stand as the heroes. Simply put, nouns are words that name people, places, things, or ideas. They give identity to the world around us and help paint vivid pictures in our conversations. Eager to explore? Let’s delve into the list of Spanish nouns starting with T!

Spanish  English
Tiempo Time/Weather
Tierra Earth/Soil
Techo Roof
Taza Cup/Mug
Teléfono Telephone
Tesoro Treasure
Tiburón Shark
Tijeras Scissors
Tomate Tomato
Tormenta Storm


Did you know that the Spanish word “taco,” which now famously represents a staple in Mexican cuisine, originally had a very different meaning? In the silver mines of Mexico during the 18th century, “taco” referred to the little explosives workers used to extract the ore. These were pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder that were inserted into holes carved in the rock face. It’s intriguing how the term evolved from explosive mining tools to delicious, filled tortillas!

Spanish  English
Trabajo Work/Job
Tradición Tradition
Traje Suit/Dress
Tren Train
Tristeza Sadness
Trompeta Trumpet
Túnel Tunnel
Turista Tourist
Tortuga Turtle
Texto Text


Whew! What a tantalizing journey through Spanish nouns that start with the letter T. One interesting tidbit: ever notice how ‘Tiburón’ sounds powerful and fierce, just like the creature it represents? That’s right, ‘Tiburón’ means ‘Shark’. There’s a delightful rhythm in the Spanish language that often mirrors the essence of the nouns. From the hardworking ‘Trabajo’ (Job) to the adventurous ‘Turista’ (Tourist), every noun tells a story, and every story adds a shade to the vibrant canvas of the Spanish language. Dive deeper, and there’s always something new to discover.

Spanish Verbs Starting With T (Verbos)

 If nouns are the heroes of a language, then verbs are the action-packed stunts they perform! Verbs describe actions, states, or occurrences. They’re dynamic, giving life and movement to our sentences. Curious about how verbs roll in the Spanish realm? Let’s explore a list of Spanish verbs starting with T!

Spanish  English 
Tomar To take/drink
Trabajar To work
Traducir To translate
Traer To bring
Tratar To treat/try
Trepar To climb
Triunfar To triumph/succeed
Tropezar To trip/stumble
Toser To cough
Tocar To touch/play (an instrument)
Image by jannoon028 via Freepik
Spanish  English 
Temer To fear
Tentar To tempt
Terminar To finish/end
Tirar To throw/pull
Teñir  To dye/tint
Testificar To testify
Tener To have
Telefonear  To telephone/call
Transmitir  To transmit
Transformar To transform


That was a thrilling dive into Spanish verbs starting with the letter T! Did you notice the verb ‘Tropezar’? It translates to ‘to trip’ or ‘to stumble.’ Interestingly, it also forms the root of the noun ‘tropezón,’ meaning a misstep or blunder in Spanish. This connection between verbs and nouns, where one often gives birth to the other, is a beautiful dance unique to the language. Each verb in our list, from ‘Tomar’ (to drink) to ‘Transformar’ (to transform), paints vivid scenes in the grand play that is the Spanish language. Every verb offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of stories, emotions, and experiences awaiting Spanish learners. Dive in, and let the action unfold!

Spanish Adverbs Starting With T (Adverbios)

Think of adverbs as the seasoning to the meal that is our sentence. They describe how, when, where, or to what degree an action is performed, typically modifying verbs. If verbs are the action, adverbs tell us more about that action. Ready to spice up your Spanish with some T-starting adverbs? Dive into our list!

Spanish  English
También Also/Too
Tan So
Tarde Late
Temprano Early
Totalmente Totally
Tristemente Sadly
Típicamente Typically
Todavía Still/Yet
Tantito A little bit (informal)
Temporalmente Temporarily


The Spanish word “tapas” (which starts with a T) refers to a wide variety of appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. But the origin of the word is interesting; “tapa” translates to “cover” or “lid.” Legend has it that tapas began as slices of bread or meat that sherry drinkers in Andalusia used to cover their glasses between sips to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry

Spanish  English 
Tradicionalmente Traditionally
Teóricamente Theoretically
Tácitamente Tacitly/Implicitly
Tantamente So much (informal)
Tantos So many
Torpemente Clumsily
Tenuemente Faintly
Tentativamente Tentatively
Terriblemente Terribly
Tímidamente Timidly


Exploring Spanish adverbs starting with T has been a transformative journey! Did you notice “Tantito“? This adverb adds a colloquial charm to the language and is used informally to mean “a little bit.” Another intriguing tidbit is “Todavía,” meaning “still” or “yet,” often used to convey a sense of ongoing action or emotion. The beauty of adverbs lies in their ability to refine and detail our expressions. Just as the subtle pinch of salt transforms a dish, adverbs enhance our linguistic expressions, adding depth and flavor. Spanish, with its rich palette of adverbs, ensures that our conversations are as vivid and dynamic as a flamenco dance. Dive deeper, and there’s a world of nuances awaiting!

Spanish Adjectives Starting With T (Adjetivos)

If language were a painting, adjectives would be the varied brush strokes that add color and emotion to it. Adjectives describe or modify nouns, adding detail and depth. They paint pictures in our minds, transforming a simple “house” into a “tiny, blue house.” Intrigued about the vibrant shades Spanish adjectives can offer? Here’s a colorful list of adjectives beginning with the letter T!

Spanish  English 
Triste Sad
Tranquilo Calm/Peaceful
Travieso Mischievous
Tremendo Tremendous/Huge
Típico Typical
Tímido Shy/Timid
Tonto Silly/Foolish
Tolerante Tolerant
Toxico Toxic
Turístico Touristic
Image by lookstudio via Freepik
Spanish  English 
Total  Total/Complete
Triangular  Triangular
Translúcido  Translucent
Transparente  Transparent
Tenaz  Tenacious
Tercero  Third
Tierno  Tender/Soft
Terco  Stubborn
Tórrido  Torrid/Hot and dry
Trivial  Trivial/Commonplace


Navigating through the myriad of Spanish adjectives starting with T has been truly transformative! For instance, have you observed “Tonto“? In Spanish, this adjective can mean both “silly” and “foolish.” It’s quite fascinating how one word can encompass multiple shades of meaning, much like the multifaceted gems of a jewelry box. Or consider “Típico” and “Tímidamente.” While the former describes something as “typical,” the latter captures shyness or timidity, demonstrating the spectrum of emotions Spanish adjectives can convey. Adjectives are more than mere words; they are the essence that brings narratives to life, making them more relatable and vivid. So, as you venture into the vast and colorful world of Spanish adjectives, remember: it’s all in the details!

Now You Mastered Spanish Words Starting With T

As we wrap up our tour of Spanish words that start with T, it’s evident that this language, like any other, has layers and layers waiting to be unraveled. The journey of exploring Spanish words starting with T has been nothing short of terrific! Eager to dive deeper? At SpanishVIP, our Dedicated Teachers and Student Success Advisors are geared up to make your linguistic journey thrilling. Start with a  free 1:1 class or free 7 days of group classes, and unlock the world of Spanish.

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