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Spanish Words That Start With U

Hey there, linguistic enthusiasts! Did you know that the Spanish language has an intriguing history when it comes to the letter ‘U’? That’s right! Let’s take a whimsical journey together through the universe of Spanish words starting with this fascinating letter. Prepare to be amazed!

History Of Letter T In Spanish Language

The letter ‘U’ has had a unique journey in the world of Spanish. Originating from the Latin letter V (which represented both the ‘U’ sound and the ‘V’ sound), it eventually evolved into two distinct letters in the modern Spanish alphabet. But here’s a hoot for you: in ancient scripts, you’d often find words that start with ‘V’ now beginning with ‘U’! How cool is that?

Spanish Nouns Starting With U (Sustantivos)

Nouns, in the simplest terms, are words that name people, places, things, or ideas. They serve as the subject of our sentences, giving us a foundation for communication. Ready for a linguistic ride? Let’s delve into a list of Spanish nouns that start with the letter ‘U’!

Spanish  English
Uva Grape
Universo  Universe
Universidad  University
Unidad  Unit
Urbano  Urban
Urbe  City/Metropolis
Ufano  Proud person
Ultrasonido  Ultrasound
Umbral  Threshold
Uniforme  Uniform


The letter “U” in Spanish is pronounced as “oo”, similar to the English sound in “moon”. It is always important to know how to spell in Spanish!

Spanish  English
Útero  Uterus
Utopía  Utopia
Ungüento  Ointment
Usurpador  Usurper
Urólogo  Urologist
Ubicación  Location
Uso  Use/Usage
Urraca  Magpie (a type of bird)
Ujier  Usher
Utensilio  Utensil

Exploring the universe of nouns that start with ‘U’ in Spanish, it’s intriguing to note the diversity of concepts. One standout fact is about the noun “Urraca”. In English, it translates to “magpie”, a bird is known for its vocal nature and, interestingly, for collecting shiny objects. Did you ever imagine that this little bird would find its way into our list? Language truly is a treasure trove of surprises!

Spanish Verbs Starting With U (Verbos)

Verbs, in essence, are action words. They convey what’s happening, whether it’s an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. They are the heartbeat of a sentence, giving it motion and direction. Ready to jive with the rhythm of Spanish verbs? Let’s leap into a compilation of Spanish verbs that kick off with the letter ‘U’!

Spanish  English 
Usar  To use
Unir  To unite
Urgir  To urge
Ulular  To howl
Urdir  To plot or scheme
Ubicar  To locate or place
Untar  To smear or spread
Uniformar  To uniform
Ulcerar  To ulcerate
Ultranquilizar  To overtranquilize
Usurpar Usurp
Ultimar Finalize
Image by user5812043 via Freepik
Spanish  English 
Urge  To need urgently
Ufano  To swell with pride
Uivar  To howl (used in some regions)
Usufructuar  To usufruct (to enjoy the use and advantages of another’s property)
Urbar  To make arable or cultivate
Urdimbrear  To warp
Ulteriorar  To deteriorate further
Usucapir  To acquire by adverse possession
Ultrajar  To outrage or violate
Ufanarse  To boast or show off

Navigating through the sea of Spanish verbs that start with ‘U’, one cannot help but be amazed at the richness and depth. An intriguing tidbit from our list is the verb “Usucapir.” It’s a legal term referring to acquiring property by continuous and open possession, without the owner’s approval. It’s not a word you’d use daily, but its existence showcases the complexity and elegance of the Spanish language. Always something new to learn, isn’t there?

Spanish Adverbs Starting With T (Adverbios)

Adverbs are the sprightly modifiers in language, describing how, where, when, and to what degree an action takes place. These versatile words give color and context to our sentences, enhancing the verb’s story. With enthusiasm bubbling, shall we uncover some Spanish adverbs that unfurl with the letter ‘U’?

Spanish  English 
Urgentemente  Urgently
Usualmente  Usually
Unánimemente  Unanimously
Unívocamente  Uniquely or unambiguously
Ulteriormente  Subsequently
Últimamente  Lately
Uniformemente  Uniformly
Universalmente  Universally
Unidamente  Singularly


The Spanish word “ubicuo” (ubiquitous in English) starting with a ‘U’, denotes something present everywhere at the same time. It’s a reflection of how vast and all-encompassing the influence of the Spanish language is, spanning numerous countries and cultures across the globe!

Venturing into the world of adverbs that originate with ‘U’ in Spanish, it’s clear this letter offers a unique selection. One gem is “Unánimemente” which, when broken down, springs from the root meaning ‘one soul’ or ‘one mind’, giving depth to its translation ‘unanimously’. It’s delightful nuggets of wisdom like this that make exploring adverbs in Spanish such an enlightening experience!

Spanish Adjectives Starting With U (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are the descriptive dynamos in language, imbuing nouns with texture, tone, and temperament. They paint vivid pictures, turning plain sentences into captivating canvases. Are you ready to unveil some vibrant Spanish adjectives that unfurl with the letter ‘U’?

Spanish  English 
Único  Unique
Urgente  Urgent
Usado  Used
Universal  Universal
Urbano  Urban
Útil  Useful
Unido  United
Ultramoderno  Ultramodern
Uniforme  Uniform
Unilateral  Unilateral
Image by jcomp via Freepik
Spanish  English 
Ufano  Proud, boastful
Ultrasensible  Ultrasensitive
Ufólogo  Ufologist (related to UFOs)
Ultraterrestre  Extraterrestrial
Unánime  Unanimous
Ultimado  Finished, polished
Unisex  Unisex
Ultrajado  Outraged
Umbrío  Shady, shadowy
Urbícola  City-dwelling

Diving deep into the list of Spanish adjectives that launch with the letter ‘U’, it’s evident that there’s a delightful mix of the familiar and the intriguing. For instance, take “Ufólogo” – an adjective denoting something related to UFOs. It’s fascinating how the mysteries of the universe get represented even in our day-to-day vocabulary. By embracing these adjectives, one doesn’t just learn Spanish, but also uncovers little pieces of culture, wonder, and the ever-evolving nature of language!

When Is the ‘U’ Silent with the Letter ‘G’ in Spanish?

Navigating the beautiful terrain of the Spanish language, there’s an interesting quirk involving the letter ‘U’ when it cozies up next to ‘G’. This combination can play a little trick on our pronunciation!

In Spanish, when ‘G’ is followed by an ‘E’ or ‘I’, its sound changes. It becomes a soft ‘G’, akin to the ‘H’ sound in “huge”. However, if you want the ‘G’ to maintain its hard sound (like in “go”), you place a ‘U’ between the ‘G’ and the ‘E’ or ‘I’. And here’s the trick: in this combination, the ‘U’ becomes silent!


  • Guitarra (guitar) – The ‘U’ is pronounced here because it’s not followed by an ‘E’ or ‘I’.
  • Guerra (war) – Here, the ‘U’ is silent, so it’s pronounced like “Gerra”.
  • Guiso (stew) – The ‘U’ remains silent, and it sounds like “Giso”.

Want the ‘U’ Sound Back?

If you indeed wish to pronounce the ‘U’ between ‘G’ and ‘E’ or ‘I’, a diaeresis (two dots) is added above the ‘U’. It’s called “ü”, and it’s the signal that the ‘U’ should not be silent.


  • Pingüino (penguin) – Thanks to the diaeresis, it’s pronounced as “Pin-gwee-no”, ensuring the ‘U’ sound is audible.

This nuance with the letter ‘U’ is one of the delightful intricacies of Spanish. It’s not just about words and vocabulary; it’s about rhythm, sound, and the little surprises the language throws your way. So, the next time you come across a ‘GU’ combination, listen closely, and you might just hear the silent whispers of the ‘U’.

Exploring the Unique Letter Ü in Spanish Words

While the Spanish language typically does not feature the letter Ü, there are several notable exceptions where it appears. In this section, we’ll delve into some of the most commonly used words containing Ü, followed by a comprehensive table showcasing additional words that may be less frequently encountered but are nonetheless valuable to be aware of. Let’s uncover the intriguing world of Ü in Spanish vocabulary.

Most Common Words With the Letter Ü

  • Cigüeña – Stork
  • Pingüino – Penguin
  • Lingüista – Linguist
  • Sinvergüenza – Shameless
  • Ambigüedad – Ambiguity
  • Bilingüe – Bilingual
  • Desagüe – Drainage
  • Vergüenza – Shame
  • Ungüento – Ointment
  • Nicaragüense – Nicaraguan

Other Words With the Letter Ü You Must Know

Spanish  English 
Agüero Omen
Itagüí Itagüí (a city in Colombia)
Agüita Water (diminutive form)
Güey Dude (slang in some Latin American countries)
Argüir To argue
Bilingüismo Bilingualism
Paragüero Umbrella stand
Degüello Throat cutting
Paragüitas Small umbrella
Pedigüeño Beggarly
Lengüeta Tongue (of a shoe, guitar, etc.)
Halagüeño Flattering
Lengüetazo Lick (with the tongue)
Cigüeñal Crankshaft
Yegüita Little mare
Piragüista Canoeist
Averigüe To find out
Güisqui Whiskey

Final Thoughts: The Universe of ‘U’ in Spanish

Embarking on this alphabetical adventure through Spanish terms beginning with ‘U’, it’s evident that language is more than just words – it’s a tapestry of history, culture, and worldview.

From everyday terms to the more arcane, each adjective, noun, verb, and adverb offers a glimpse into the vast universe of Spanish. As you venture forth in your linguistic journey, remember: that every word is a door waiting to be opened. And if you’re seeking guidance, our Dedicated Teachers at SpanishVIP are here to help you navigate, while our Student Success Advisors ensure a seamless experience. Ready to delve deeper? Start with a free 1:1 class or relish in a complimentary 7 days of group sessions. Until our next lexical exploration, happy learning!

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