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Spanish Words That Start With G

Hey there, language explorers and budding polyglots! Are you itching to turn your Spanish conversations from “meh” to “magnífico?” Ever catch yourself in the middle of a chat thinking, “If only I had the perfect word to spice things up!”? Well, today, we have a treat that’s as delightful as a bowl of gazpacho on a hot summer day. Yep, you guessed it—or maybe not, but no worries. We’re diving deep into the world of Spanish words that start with the letter G.

Why G, you ask? Well, G is like that unassuming character in a movie who steals the show. You may not think much of it at first, but wait until you see its range! From describing a handsome man as “guapo” to expressing gratitude with a heartfelt “gracias,” the letter G has got some serious linguistic chops. And oh boy, it’s not just about throwing around a few words here and there. Knowing a range of words that start with the same letter is a neat trick to form sentences more fluidly and understand Spanish texts better.

So, buckle up, amigos! We’re about to embark on a grandioso journey—that’s ‘magnificent’ for those still getting their Spanish feet wet—exploring nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives all starting with this glorious letter. By the end of this, you’ll have a galaxy of ‘G’ words to garnish your Spanish conversations. Are you ready to get your “G-game” on? Stick around and let’s get this fiesta started!

History of the Letter G in the Spanish Alphabet

Ah, the letter ‘G’! It’s not just a letter; it’s a character with its historical journey. Yep, every letter has a backstory, and ‘G’ is no exception. In the English alphabet, ‘G’ waltzes in as the seventh letter, but in the Spanish alphabet, it holds the 10th position, right between ‘F’ and ‘H.’ But let’s rewind the tape a bit, shall we?

The letter ‘G’ resembles a well-traveled distant cousin, accumulating stories and nuances from different corners of the world. Originating from the Latin alphabet, ‘G’ evolved from its predecessor, the letter ‘C.’ Recognizing the need for a distinct character to represent the “g” sound, the Romans introduced ‘G’ around 230 BCE. And it’s worth noting, the letter quickly gained widespread acceptance.

Fast-forward to Spanish, a language deeply rooted in Latin. Here, ‘G’ has two distinct sounds. When followed by ‘e’ or ‘i,’ it produces a throaty sound, akin to the ‘ch’ in “Bach.” However, when it’s followed by ‘a,’ ‘o,’ or ‘u,’ it’s a hard ‘G,’ like in “good.” Isn’t it fascinating how a single letter can take on multiple personalities depending on its linguistic environment?

So, the next time you use a word that starts with ‘G,’ give a little nod to its rich, globetrotting history. Now, let’s delve into how to use this versatile letter in the Spanish language!


The letter G is not used as much in Spanish, occupying position number 16 of 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet.

Common Spanish Words Starting With G

Spanish Nouns Starting With G (Sustantivos)

Alright, let’s cut to the chase and delve into some Spanish nouns that start with G. We’ve got quite the variety here, so brace yourselves!

Spanish English
Gobierno Government
Gallina Hen
Gato Cat
Gallo Rooster
Gracia Grace
Gorra Cap
Guitarra Guitar
Gasolina Gasoline
Galería Gallery
Ganancia Gain, Profit
Gafas Glasses
Grano Grain
Garaje Garage
Género Gender
Guante Glove
Guerra War
Guía Guide
Goma Rubber
Grifo Faucet
Golpe Blow, Hit
Grúa Crane
Granizo Hail
Galleta Cookie
Grasa Fat, Grease
Gimnasio Gym


The letter G can sound different with the vowels A, O, and U, than with the vowels E, and I, since with the latter it sounds like if in the English language, you pronounced the H. In Spanish, it could also sound like the letter J.

Image by Larry Costales via Unsplash

Spanish Verbs Starting With G (Verbos)

Moving on, let’s jump into some action with Spanish verbs that start with G. And yes, these verbs will guarantee a whole lot of dynamism in your conversations.

Spanish English
Ganar To win, to earn
Generar To generate
Gritar To shout
Guarda To keep, to save
Gastar To spend
Guiar To guide
Golpear To hit
Gobernar To govern
Gesticular To gesture
Gotejar To drip
Girar To turn
Gravar To record
Graduar To graduate
Glosar To gloss over
Glorificar To glorify
Gemir To moan, to groan
Grapar To staple
Garantizar To guarantee
Gruñir To growl
Ganarse To earn oneself
Gratificar To gratify
Galopar To gallop
Garabatear To scribble
Gozar To enjoy
Guiñar To wink


The letter G and the letter W can have a similar sound in certain words. For example, the name “Walter” could sound like “Gualter”

Spanish Adverbs Starting With G (Adverbios)

Alrighty, let’s take a turn and explore some adverbs! Adverbs in any language spice things up, adding nuance and color to your sentences.

Spanish English
Graciosamente Graciously
Generalmente Generally
Gradualmente Gradually
Generosamente Generously
Grandemente Greatly
Gloriosamente Gloriously
Gravemente Seriously, gravely
Genéticamente Genetically
Gratuitamente Gratuitously
Garantizadamente Guaranteed
Guerreramente Warlike, belligerently
Galantemente Gallantly
Gráficamente Graphically
Graduadamente Step by step
Gruesamente Thickly, coarsely
Globalmente Globally
Groseramente Crudely
Gravemente Heavily, deeply
Gustosamente Willingly, gladly
Grandiosamente Grandiosely
Ganancialmente Profitably
Gozosamente Joyfully
Gigantescamente Gigantically

These adverbs help modify verbs, adjectives, or even other adverbs, making your speech more specific and colorful. For example, you can say, “Él camina gradualmente hacia la meta,” which means “He is walking gradually towards the goal.” Cool, right?

Image by Raul Marin via Unsplash

Spanish Adjectives Starting With G (Adjetivos)

Oh boy, let’s get into the zone of descriptors. We’re talking about Spanish adjectives that start with G. From describing a very handsome man as a hombre muy guapo to mentioning that something is big or grande, these words are your go-to for adding flair to your conversations.

Spanish English
Grande Big, large
Gracioso Funny, amusing
Generoso Generous
Gordo Fat
Gentil Kind
Glorioso Glorious
Gallardo Gallant
Gris Gray
Grueso Thick
Gráfico Graphic
Garantizado Guaranteed
Genuino Genuine
General General
Gélido Gelid, icy
Gótico Gothic

Take the Next Step in the Spanish Language

So there it is—an in-depth expedition through the vibrant tapestry of Spanish words that begin with the letter G. From nouns and verbs to adverbs and adjectives, this comprehensive guide aims to equip readers with the vocabulary they need to enrich any Spanish conversation. The beauty of language is that there’s always more to learn, and what better place to continue this exploration than in a learning environment tailored to individual needs?

For those eager to continue the journey and delve deeper into the Spanish language, know that a team of Dedicated Teachers and Student Success Advisors are on standby, ready to offer a supportive and enriching learning experience. To jumpstart this next chapter, consider taking a free 1:1 class or enjoying a free 7-day trial of group classes at SpanishVIP. The goal is to make the experience of learning Spanish as fulfilling, and educational as possible.

Until the next linguistic adventure, continue exploring, continue learning, and keep engaging in rich Spanish dialogues. Adiós for now!

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