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Spanish Words that Start with P

Ever considered how essential the letter P is in the Spanish language? Think of paradisiacal beaches, passionate tango dances, and plates filled with paella. P-words paint a vivid picture of Spanish culture and tradition. Ready to expand your Spanish vocabulary? Let’s journey together and unveil the magic of Spanish words that start with the letter P.

History Of Letter P In Spanish Language

You might think, “It’s just another letter in the alphabet,” but hold your horses! The letter P has an intriguing history in the Spanish language.

The Latin Legacy

The letter P traces its roots back to the Latin alphabet. Ancient words like “padre” (father) and “playa” (beach) were derived from Latin, where the sound of the letter remained consistent.

Influence of Other Cultures

As the Spanish language evolved, many P-words were borrowed from other cultures. For instance, the word “pie” (foot) is not just a dessert in English; it’s also a body part in Spanish.

Words With Character

The sound of the letter P has character, bringing emphasis and energy. Words like “poco” (a little) and “para siempre” (forever) are examples that savor the sound of this versatile letter.

Spanish Nouns Starting With P (Sustantivos)

Nouns are the cornerstone of languages, representing people, places, things, or ideas. Ready to dive into some captivating Spanish nouns? Here’s a list of nouns starting with the letter P:

Spanish  English
Palabra  Word
Pantalla  Screen
Perro  Dog
Pluma  Pen/Feather
Playa  Beach
Pájaro  Bird
Pescado  Fish (as food)
Pueblo  Village/Town
Piso  Floor/Apartment
Puerta  Door


In the Spanish word “psicología” (psychology), the initial ‘P’ is silent, and the word starts with the ‘s’ sound. This is because it’s derived from the Greek word “psykhē” meaning “soul” or “mind,” and the tradition of keeping the silent ‘P’ has been maintained in many languages, including Spanish!

Spanish  English
Paraguas Umbrella
Primo  Cousin
Plátano  Banana
Pastel  Cake
Periódico  Newspaper
Pared  Wall
Pulsera  Bracelet
Pincel  Paintbrush
Parque  Park
Postal  Postcard


Wasn’t that a fascinating journey through Spanish nouns starting with P? An interesting tidbit: The noun “Pueblo” doesn’t just mean a town or village; it also conveys a sense of community and the people within it. The richness of the Spanish language lies in the depths of its words, as they often carry historical and cultural nuances. Dive deeper, and who knows what you’ll discover next!

Spanish Verbs Starting With P (Verbos)

Verbs are dynamic words in a language, indicating action, occurrence, or state of being. Ready to explore some action-packed Spanish verbs? Dive into this list of verbs that initiate with the power-packed letter P!

Spanish  English 
Pasar  To pass
Pensar To think
Pintar  To paint
Poner  To put
Probar  To try/test
Preguntar  To ask
Preferir  To prefer
Preparar  To prepare
Producir  To produce
Image by Pierre Bamin via Unsplash
Spanish  English 
Pasear  To stroll/walk
Pedir  To ask for/order
Practicar  To practice
Prometer  To promise
Proveer  To provide
Pertenecer  To belong
Parar  To stop
Planear  To plan
Pescar  To fish
Platicar  To chat


Journeying through these verbs, it’s evident that Spanish is a language bursting with vibrant actions. Here’s a tidbit: The verb “Pescar” means “to fish,” but it can also be used colloquially to mean “to catch on” or “understand.” Spanish verbs, like “Pescar,” often come with layers of meaning, making it a delight to unravel their nuances. 

Spanish Adverbs Starting With P (Adverbios)

Adverbs are the flavor enhancers of languages, usually describing how, when, or where an action occurs. Curious about the essence they bring to Spanish sentences? Let’s embark on a voyage through Spanish adverbs that begin with the letter P.

Spanish  English 
Pronto  Soon
Particularmente  Particularly
Precisamente  Precisely
Previamente  Previously
Por supuesto Of course
Por fin Finally
Por desgracia  Unfortunately
Por ahora For now
Por lo tanto Therefore
Por eso That’s why


The word “pícaro” in Spanish, starting with the letter ‘P’, is used to describe a mischievous or cunning person. This word is the root of the literary genre “picaresque,” which features tales of rogues and their adventures. Spanish literature is particularly known for its contributions to the picaresque genre, with classics like “Lazarillo de Tormes” leading the way!

Spanish  English 
Por favor Please
Por completo Completely
Por casualidad By chance
Públicamente  Publicly
Proporcionalmente  Proportionally
Por si acaso Just in case
Prácticamente  Practically
Plenamente  Fully
Posiblemente  Possibly
Por lo general Generally


Wading through these adverbs, one can’t help but appreciate the dimension they add to the Spanish language. A fun tidbit: “Por supuesto” translates directly to “by supposed,” but its actual usage is “of course.” It’s such fascinating nuances that make adverbs like “Por supuesto” intriguing to learn and use. Spanish is full of these hidden gems, waiting to be unearthed by eager learners!

Spanish Adjectives Starting With P (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are the colorful brushes of language, painting vivid images by describing nouns in terms of qualities, quantities, and states. Interested in adding some Spanish flair to your descriptive palette? Here’s a collection of Spanish adjectives that kick off with the pivotal letter P.

Spanish  English 
Pequeño  Small
Pobre  Poor
Potente  Powerful
Peligroso  Dangerous
Paciente  Patient
Puntual  Punctual
Perezoso  Lazy
Precioso  Precious/Beautiful
Pasado  Past
Principal  Main/Principal
Image by Pietro De Grandi via Unsplash
Spanish  English
Plano  Flat
Perdido  Lost
Próximo  Next/Close
Perfecto  Perfect
Público  Public
Privado  Private
Parcial  Partial
Prodigioso  Prodigious
Prudente  Prudent
Pulcro  Neat/Clean


Venturing through this selection of adjectives, it’s clear that Spanish adjectives offer a vibrant way to convey descriptions. For instance, “Pulcro” doesn’t just mean neat; it has a connotation of meticulousness and impeccable tidiness. It’s nuances like these that make diving into the world of Spanish adjectives a rich and colorful experience

Concluding Ponderings on the Letter P in Spanish

From nouns that help us identify objects and ideas to action-evoking verbs, flavor-enhancing adverbs, and the colorful adjectives that paint vivid descriptions, the letter ‘P’ in Spanish is teeming with linguistic richness. Each word category offers a unique glimpse into the versatile world of Spanish, bringing us closer to its cultural and historical nuances.

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