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Published on: Vocabulary

Spanish Words That Start With S

Imagine you’re standing at the precipice of a vast ocean of knowledge. Now, imagine that the ocean is the Spanish language, and the waves carry forth countless Spanish words, each with its unique story. Today, we’ll embark on an exploration of Spanish words that start with the letter “S”. So, shall we sail this sea of Spanish?

History Of Letter S In Spanish Language

Spanish, like all languages, is alive. It breathes, grows, and occasionally looks back at its roots. One of its vital letters is the letter “S”. Do you know how the “S” sound tickled the tongues of those speaking Old Spanish?

Evolution and Origins

The letter “S” in Spanish has intriguing origins. It can be traced back to the Latin alphabet, from which the Spanish language draws much of its character. But, unlike English, Spanish has certain idiosyncrasies. Ever noticed how Spanish words like “casa” (house) have a soft “S” sound? It’s the beautiful nuances that make Spanish words so captivating.

Modern Usage and Popularity

Today, the letter “S” in Spanish plays an essential role. Whether you’re talking about “sol” (sun) or searching for “sal” (salt), this letter is almost everywhere. It’s no surprise that many Spanish cognates, words that share a similar origin and meaning in both Spanish and English, also start with the letter “S”.

Spanish Nouns Starting With S (Sustantivos)

Nouns are the bedrock of any language. Simply put, nouns are words that name people, places, things, ideas, or actions. They form the subjects of our sentences and give us the means to share stories, relay experiences, and communicate ideas. Intrigued? Let’s delve into an exciting list of Spanish nouns that start with the letter “S”!

Spanish  English
Sol Sun
Sal Salt
Silla Chair
Sombra Shadow
Sonrisa Smile
Suelo Floor/Ground
Sueño Dream
Sabor Flavor/Taste
Sangre Blood
Sorpresa Surprise


In the Spanish alphabet, the letter “S” has a twin! Historically, there was an additional letter known as “ch”, which sounded like a sharp “S”. While “ch” is no longer considered a separate letter in modern Spanish, its legacy is a testament to the language’s evolving nature.

Spanish  English
Sabiduría Wisdom
Sistema System
Símbolo Symbol
Seda Silk
Suerte Luck
Sombrero Hat
Secreto Secret
Sendero  Path
Sello Stamp/Seal
Salsa  Sauce


As we wrap up our list, let’s highlight an interesting fact from our exploration. The noun “Sueño” is a beautiful example of the duality in the Spanish language. It can mean both “sleep” and “dream”, indicating a close connection between rest and the world of our imaginations in Spanish culture. It’s these intricate details that make the journey into learning Spanish nouns starting with “S” so captivating. From tangible objects to profound concepts, each noun offers a unique insight into the Spanish language and its rich tapestry of life and culture.

Spanish Verbs Starting With S (Verbos)

Verbs are the action words in a sentence. They breathe life into our statements by describing actions, states, or occurrences. If nouns are the backbone, verbs are the heartbeats of any language, providing momentum and dynamism. Eager to expand your Spanish vocabulary? Let’s jump into a selection of Spanish verbs that all begin with the letter “S”!

Spanish  English 
Ser To be (permanent/essential qualities)
Saber To know (a fact, information)
Sentir To feel
Sonreír To smile
Soñar To dream
Saltar To jump
Salir  To go out/leave
Seguir To follow
Servir To serve
Sacar To take out
Image by Olha Ivanova via Unsplash
Spanish  English 
Susurrar To whisper
Sumar To add
Sorprender To surprise
Sujetar To hold/grasp
Sostener To sustain/hold up
Subir To go up/climb
Solicitar To request/apply
Señalar  To signal/point out
Sudar To sweat
Suponer  To suppose/assume

Spanish Adverbs Starting With S (Adverbios)

Adverbs are the seasoning of language; they describe or modify verbs, adjectives, or even other adverbs. They often tell us how, when, where, or to what extent something is done. Think of them as the dashes of color or flavor that provide depth and richness to a statement. Curious to learn more? Let’s explore a set of Spanish adverbs that begin with the intriguing letter “S”!

Spanish  English 
Siempre Always
Sólo/Solamente Only
Seguramente Surely
Súbitamente Suddenly
Silenciosamente Silently
Sinceramente Sincerely
Sobre todo Above all
Simultáneamente  Simultaneously
Sutilmente Subtly
Seguido Often


In certain regions like Andalusia in Spain and some Latin American countries, the “S” at the end of a word can become silent. So, “pues” sounds like “pue,” adding a unique regional twist to the language!

Spanish  English 
Sabrosamente Tastily
Suavemente Gently/Smoothly
Sumamente Extremely
Sospechosamente Suspiciously
Sensatamente Sensibly
Seriamente Seriously
Secamente Dryly
Satisfactoriamente Satisfactorily
Sorprendentemente Surprisingly
Simple y sencillamente Plain and simply


Upon revisiting our list, an adverb stands out in its uniqueness: “Simple y sencillamente“. This adverbial phrase, directly translated as “plain and simple”, beautifully captures the Spanish language’s penchant for emphasis through repetition. The use of two words to convey a straightforward idea is poetic and demonstrates the language’s rich expressive potential. Diving into Spanish adverbs that start with “S” not only enriches our linguistic toolkit but also allows us to savor the intricate beauty and rhythm of the Spanish tongue. 

Spanish Adjectives Starting With S (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are the colorists of language. They modify nouns and pronouns, offering details that describe or clarify. If nouns are the canvas, adjectives are the strokes of paint that give it depth, emotion, and dimension. Ready to amplify your vocabulary? Let’s delve into some Spanish adjectives that light up our sentences, all starting with the sparkling letter “S”!

Spanish  English 
Sabroso Tasty
Sano Healthy
Sincero Sincere
Seco Dry
Suave Smooth/Soft
Simple Simple
Sorprendente Surprising
Sutil Subtle
Soleado Sunny
Seguro Safe/Secure
Image by Mike Hindle via Unsplash
Spanish  English 
Superior Superior
Sólido Solid
Siguiente Following/Next
Suspicaz Suspicious
Sensato Sensible
Sedoso Silky
Sociable Sociable
Silencioso Silent
Sintético Synthetic
Sensacional  Sensational


As we wind down our list, the adjective “Sedoso” stands out. Drawing a direct connection to the noun “seda” (silk), “sedoso” beautifully exemplifies how Spanish adjectives often evolve from their noun counterparts. The fluid relationship between nouns and adjectives in Spanish unveils a rich linguistic tapestry where words are interwoven, each relying on the other for depth and nuance. The journey into Spanish adjectives starting with “S” doesn’t just offer descriptive tools; it unravels stories, feelings, and cultural ties. Each adjective not only adds color to our statements but also deepens our bond with the Spanish-speaking world.

Wrapping up the Search for “S”

It’s been a thrilling journey sailing the sea of Spanish words that start with the letter “S”. We’ve touched upon its history, explored various word forms, and even dived deep into its everyday usage. The beauty of the Spanish language lies not just in its words, but in the culture, emotions, and stories behind each word.

Whether you’re just starting your Spanish learning journey or looking to deepen your understanding, remember that every letter, every word, has a tale to tell. And at SpanishVIP, our Dedicated Teachers and Student Success Advisors are excited to explore these stories with you. Start with a  free 1:1 class or free 7 days of group classes, and embark on a linguistic journey like no other.

Explore, learn, and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Spanish. After all, every word is a doorway to a new world, a new experience. And we’re here to guide you through every door. ¡Hasta la próxima! (See you next time!)

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