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Spanish Video Games You Have to Play (and Why)

Hey there, gamers and language enthusiasts! Did you know that the average person spends more than 6 hours per week playing video games? That’s a whole lot of screen time! Now, what if we told you that you could transform that time into an educational experience? Yep, you heard that right! This article is all about combining the fun of playing video games with the value of learning Spanish. Let’s dive in!

How to say “Video Games” in Spanish

The word “video games” can be translated in different ways in Spanish, both singular and plural, these are:

  • Videojuego – Video Game
  • Juego de video – Video Game
  • Videojuegos – Video Games
  • Juegos de video – Video Games

The normal thing is that Spanish speakers do not mention “videojuegos” but simply “juegos”, although that depends on the country and the context.


The word “video” can have two accents. In Latin America, you can write “video” as in English, but with the accent on the “e”, which is part of the second syllable:

  • vi – de – o 

Meanwhile, in Spain, they adapt the accent of English, but when it sounds in the third syllable (vi) it becomes an esdrújula word where a tilde will be added to the syllable that marks the accentuation:

  • ví – de – o

Both ways of pronouncing this word are correct.

Why Should You Consider Playing Spanish Video Games?

Sure, video games are all about the thrill, the challenge, and the bragging rights. But, have you ever thought about using them to learn a language? It sounds unconventional, but trust me, it’s like a secret weapon in the language-learning world.

A Treasure Trove of New Vocabulary

Playing video games in Spanish gives you an exciting avenue to pick up new vocabulary. Whether it’s in-game directions, mission objectives, or character dialogues, every word can be a learning opportunity. Your Spanish skills can only get better!

Interactive Learning Environment

What makes playing video games so unique is their interactive nature. You’re not just passively absorbing; you’re actively involved. Interacting with characters, following storylines, and even arguing with other players helps cement language learning in a way textbooks never could.

Enhance Your Cognitive Abilities

Games often require quick thinking and problem-solving. When you play video games in Spanish, not only do you learn the language, but you also exercise your brain! Strategy games, in particular, are like mental gymnastics but in a second language!

Entertainment Meets Education

You’re already spending hours in front of your screen; why not make it worthwhile? With video games, you’re engaging in something you love while picking up a valuable skill. That’s like double XP in the game of life!

Videogames Vocabulary in Spanish

Let’s dive into some vocabulary used when playing video games in Spanish!

Spanish English
Jugador / Jugadores Player / Players
Perder Lose
Por defecto Default
Juego terminado Game over
Partida Match
Personaje Character
Disparar Shoot
Pausar Pause
Despausar Unpause
Finalizar partida End game
Controles Controls
Dificultad Difficulty
Multijugador Multiplayer
Image by Denise Jans via Unsplash

Game On! A List of Spanish Video Games You Should Try

The gaming world is teeming with games that have Spanish language settings. So, whether you’re a fan of PlayStation, Xbox, or a good old PC, there’s something for everyone. But how do you find the right game for your language-learning journey?

RPG (Role-Playing Games)

  • Skyrim: Not only can you slay dragons, but you can also converse with characters in Spanish. Language settings can be easily changed to get you speaking like a true Dovahkiin.
  • Zelda: Travel through the magical world of Hyrule and master Spanish while saving the day. It’s a win-win!

Simulation Games

  • The Sims: If you’re all about family and relationships, try playing The Sims in Spanish. The game’s everyday scenarios are perfect for practicing sentences and learning vocabulary.
  • Stardew Valley: Farming and Spanish? Why not! Grow crops, interact with villagers, and learn some español along the way.

Educational Games

  • Influent: This Steam game is designed explicitly for language learning, including Spanish. It allows you to pick up new vocabulary by interacting with objects in a 3D environment.

Mexican Video Games

  • Mulaka: This gem is steeped in the rich culture and history of the Tarahumara, a native Mexican tribe. The game is not only an action-packed adventure but also offers an authentic experience of Mexican traditions, and yes, it’s available in Spanish!
  • Kerbal Space Program: Although not exclusively Mexican, the game was initially developed in Mexico. Perfect for aspiring astronauts who want to communicate with the control room en español.


An insteresting fact, 49.7% of the people who play video games in Latin America are women.

Turn Up the Heat: Advanced Strategies for Language Learning Through Gaming

Okay, it’s one thing to play video games, but maximizing their educational potential takes a bit of, shall we say… strategy? Here’s how to level up your Spanish learning game:

Dive Into the Settings

First off, go to the language settings of your game. Change it to Spanish, and voila, your game now doubles as a Spanish course. But remember, not every game may offer this option. Always check before you buy!

Translate on the Go

Ever wondered, “¿Qué significa he plays video games en español?” Get a translation app ready, and you can translate sentences or phrases as you encounter them. It’s like having a pocket-sized translator for your gaming sesh!

Go Multiplayer

One word: immersion. Playing multiplayer games allows you to interact with other players, often in real-time. It’s not just about the game; it’s about the conversation, if you’re lucky, you may end up playing with someone from Spain or Mexico. Think of it as a language exchange but way more fun!

Seek Out External Sources

Sometimes games will refer to lore, backstories, or cultures that you might not be familiar with. Use this as an opportunity to explore external sources. It could be articles, videos, or fan comments. The idea is to immerse yourself not just in the game but in the world it portrays.

Image by JESHOOTS.COM via Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

Is there a video game to learn Spanish?

Yes, indeed! Games like Influent on Steam are designed specifically to teach you Spanish. Other games, like The Sims or Stardew Valley, can also be used for educational purposes when set to Spanish.

What is the Spanish word for video games?

The Spanish word for video games is “Juegos de video.” So the next time you’re looking to buy some video games in a Spanish-speaking country, you know what to ask for!

How do you say “I like video games” in Spanish?

To say “I like video games” in Spanish, you would say “Me gustan los juegos de video.”

Let’s play!

Look, the world of video games offers more than just pure entertainment. It’s a treasure chest full of opportunities to learn, grow, and enhance your language skills. So next time you’re about to embark on an epic quest or build a virtual empire, why not do it in Spanish? Trust me, your brain will thank you!

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