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Published on: Vocabulary

Zodiac Signs in Spanish – Vocabulary Guide

Hey, Astrology enthusiasts! Ever pondered what zodiac signs are called in one of the most romantic languages on Earth? Yeah, that’s right – Spanish! The world of zodiac signs in Spanish is as rich and complex as its English counterparts. So, grab your telescope, and your favorite set of tarot cards, and let’s explore the universe of signs in Spanish together!

Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?” – When is your birthday? It’s a question we’ve all heard and one that leads us to our zodiac sign. But here’s something amazing: the zodiac signs have some spectacular Spanish translations, and they’re not only a joy to learn but essential for native Spanish speakers and those looking to connect with other Spanish speakers.

In Spanish, the term for zodiac signs is “los signos del zodiaco.” These signs give us an astrological glimpse into personalities, love, careers, and more. Whether you want to learn Spanish, indulge in Spanish conversations, or explore astrology in Spanish, this guide has you covered.

Understanding Zodiac Signs in Spanish: A Detailed Breakdown

Ready to embark on this celestial journey? Let’s explore the different zodiac signs in Spanish, their characteristics, and some basic vocabulary terms.

  1. Fire Signs (Los signos de fuego)

Fire signs, known as “signos de fuego” in Spanish, are all about passion and dynamism. Let’s look at the three fire signs.

Aries (El Carnero):

  • Element: Fire sign.
  • Date: March 21 – April 19.
  • Tarot Cards: Emperor.
  • Personality: Brave, independent.
  • Spanish Translation: El Carnero. (The Ram)

Leo (El León):

  • Element: Fire sign.
  • Date: July 23 – August 22.
  • Tarot Cards: Strength.
  • Personality: Charismatic, warm-hearted.
  • Spanish Translation: El León. (The Lion)

Sagitario (El Arquero):

  • Element: Fire sign.
  • Date: November 22 – December 21.
  • Tarot Cards: Temperance.
  • Personality: Optimistic, adventurous.
  • Spanish Translation: El Arquero. (The Archer)

  2. Earth Signs (Los signos de tierra)

Next, we have the earth signs, or “signos de tierra,” known for being grounded and down to earth. The three earth signs are:

Tauro (El Toro):

  • Element: Earth sign.
  • Date: April 20 – May 20.
  • Tarot Cards: Hierophant.
  • Personality: Dependable, patient.
  • Spanish Translation: El Toro. (The Bull)

Virgo (La Virgen):

  • Element: Earth sign.
  • Date: August 23 – September 22.
  • Tarot Cards: Hermit.
  • Personality: Intelligent, meticulous.
  • Spanish Translation: La Virgen. (The Virgin)

Capricornio (La Cabra):

  • Element: Earth sign.
  • Date: December 22 – January 19.
  • Tarot Cards: Devil.
  • Personality: Ambitious, disciplined.
  • Spanish Translation: La Cabra. (The Goat)

  3. Air Signs (Los signos de aire)

Breezing in next are the air signs, also known as “signos de aire” in Spanish. Air signs are associated with intellect and freedom. Let’s explore the three air signs:

Geminis (Los Gemelos):

  • Element: Air sign.
  • Date: May 21 – June 20.
  • Tarot Cards: Lovers.
  • Personality: Curious, adaptable.
  • Spanish Translation: Los Gemelos. (The Twins).

Libra (Las Escalas):

  • Element: Air sign.
  • Date: September 23 – October 22.
  • Tarot Cards: Justice.
  • Personality: Harmonious, diplomatic.
  • Spanish Translation: Las Escalas. (The Scales)

Acuario (El Aguador):

  • Element: Air sign.
  • Date: January 20 – February 18.
  • Tarot Cards: The Star.
  • Personality: Innovative, humanitarian.
  • Spanish Translation: El Aguador. (The Water Bearer)

  4. Water Signs (Los signos de agua)

Last but not least, we have the water signs, or “signos de agua.” Water signs are known for their emotion and intuition. Here’s a look at the three water signs:

Cáncer (El Cangrejo):

  • Element: Water sign.
  • Date: June 21 – July 22.
  • Tarot Cards: The Chariot.
  • Personality: Compassionate, nurturing.
  • Spanish Translation: El Cangrejo. (The Crab)

Escorpio (El Escorpión):

  • Element: Water sign.
  • Date: October 23 – November 21.
  • Tarot Cards: Death.
  • Personality: Intense, mysterious.
  • Spanish Translation: El Escorpión. (The Scorpion)

Piscis (El Pez):

  • Element: Water sign.
  • Date: February 19 – March 20.
  • Tarot Cards: The Moon.
  • Personality: Imaginative, sensitive.
  • Spanish Translation: El Pez. (The Fish)
Image by Abstral Official via Unplash

Compatibility and Spanish Zodiac Conversations

Compatible Signs and Relationships

Wondering about signs compatible with each other? Compatibility is an essential part of astrology, and knowing the Spanish translations can spark meaningful conversations with Spanish speakers.

  • Fire and Air Signs Compatibility: Often, fire signs are compatible with other air signs due to shared values of freedom and action.
  • Earth and Water Signs Compatibility: Earth signs often find common ground with other water signs, valuing stability and emotions.

You can use phrases like “cuál es tu signo?” (What is your sign?) or “qué signo eres tú?” to know more about someone’s zodiac sign in Spanish. Compatibility in relationships can be a fun way to connect!

Reading Tarot Cards and Palm Reading in Spanish

Spanish zodiac signs are not only part of Western astrology but are also intertwined with the mystical world of tarot cards and palm reading.

  • Tarot Cards (Las Cartas del Tarot): Reading tarot cards in Spanish can deepen your understanding of the signs and provide spiritual insights.
  • Palm Reading (La Lectura de la Mano): Palm reading, or “la lectura de la mano” in Spanish, is another fascinating way to explore a person’s destiny.

Spanish Zodiac Signs in Culture and Everyday Life

Astrology in Spanish-speaking Countries

Astrology, with its zodiac signs and tarot cards, plays a significant role in Spanish-speaking cultures. Whether it’s in daily conversations, horoscope readings, or meaningful connections with other Spanish speakers, astrology adds a mystical touch.

  • Daily Horoscope (Horóscopo Diario): Many people in Spanish-speaking countries follow daily horoscopes. Whether it’s a water sign looking for guidance or a fire sign seeking inspiration, the Spanish zodiac is an essential part of everyday life.
  • Compatibility and Relationships: Understanding compatible signs can make dating and friendships more intriguing. The Spanish translation of zodiac signs can help you bond with native Spanish speakers on a deeper level.
  • Cultural Traditions and Superstitions: In some cultures, astrology, including palm reading and tarot cards, is deeply rooted in traditions and beliefs.

Learn Spanish through Zodiac Signs

Want to learn Spanish? Delving into zodiac signs in Spanish is a creative and enjoyable way to enhance your language skills. Here’s how:

  • Learn Basic Vocabulary Terms: Zodiac signs, elements like earth and water signs, and phrases like “cuál es tu signo?” are excellent starting points.
  • Engage in Spanish Conversations: Discussing zodiac signs with other Spanish speakers can lead to engaging and meaningful conversations.
  • Explore Literature and Art: Spanish zodiac signs often appear in literature, art, and media, reflecting the cultural significance of astrology in Spanish-speaking countries.

Learning Spanish through zodiac signs opens up opportunities for fascinating interactions and cultural explorations. You can even explore your birth chart in Spanish!

Image by Mabel Amber via Pixabay

What Is Your Zodiacal Sign?

And there we have it, friends! A fascinating voyage through the stars and the Spanish language. From el toro (the bull) to el pez (the fish), zodiac signs in Spanish provide a window into personalities, relationships, and a rich cultural landscape.

Whether you’re an earth sign looking to connect with other earth signs or a water bearer seeking adventure, diving into the world of Spanish zodiac signs can be a magical experience.

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