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Published on: Vocabulary

5-Letter Spanish Words (200+ Examples)

Are you stumped by a five-letter conundrum in your Spanish homework, or grappling with a vexing crossword hint? Are you participating in a game that calls for Spanish 5-letter words?

Or perhaps, as a diligent Spanish learner, you’re eager to boost your lexical repertoire with new words. In any case, we’ve crafted a handy list of 5-letter words in Spanish, arranged meticulously from start to end in alphabetical order, to help demystify that elusive Spanish word.

Our lists are an effective learning tool for any Spanish teacher, or amigo (friend) wanting to learn new words. But be careful – with the multitude of Spanish words at your disposal, you may just find yourself immersed in the beautiful complexity of the language!

If the first letter of your desired Spanish word remains a mystery, fret not. A simple CTRL+F or Command+F will swiftly reveal words in Spanish that correspond to the letter combination you already possess.

As your virtual Spanish teacher, we aim to simplify your journey of learning words in Spanish. Our lists are more than just a compilation of Spanish letters and words, they offer a bridge to translate your understanding into fluency.

Whether you’re looking to translate Spanish words, learn phrases, or playfully throw around ‘amigo’ in your conversations, this blog is your ally. By the end, you’ll be well-versed with a trove of 5-letter words in Spanish, ready to impress at your next Spanish quiz or casual conversation.

Remember: This list is only a selection of some of the most common Spanish words with five letters. Each word can have more than one translation.

5-Letters Nouns In Spanish (Sustantivos)

Just like in English, A noun is a grammatical category or class of words used to name an object, subject, place, or concept. For example Maria, car, house, Colombia. Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine. 

It is important to understand the gender of the noun in order to be sure to be able to change the gender of the noun’s adjective if needed.

  • El balón cayó al suelo The ball fell on the ground
    “Balón” (ball) is the noun.
  • El perro ladró a su dueña The dog barked at its owner
    “Perro” (dog) is the noun.

Here is a list of 5-letter nouns:

Spanish  English
Aleta Fin
Arnés Harness
Astro Astro
Atajo Shortcut
Audio Audio
Avena Oatmeal
Axila Underarm
Bingo Bingo
Bóxer Boxer
Bucal Bucal
Burro Donkey
Busto Bust
Cafés Coffee
Cajas Boxes
Cáliz Calyx
Callo Callus
Canas Canas
Canes Canes
Cómic Comic
Daños Damages
Datos Data
Dedos Fingers
Donas Doughnuts
Doñas Doughnuts
Dones Donuts
Drama Drama
Dubai Dubai
Ellas They
Encía Gum
Enojo Anger
Envío Shipping
Error Error
Esquí Ski
Euros Euros
Fémur Femur
Forma Shape
Fósil Fossil
Fotos Photos
Freno Brake
Fresa Strawberry
Gafas Glasses
Gales Wales
Gases Gases
Gatos Cats
Genes Genes
Ghana Ghana
Goles Goals
Gorra Cap
Grúas Cranes
Grumo Grumo
Haití Haiti
Hotel Hotel
Huevo Egg
Hurto Theft
Ideas Ideas
Iglús Igloos
Ingle Ingle
Islas Islands
Japón Japan
Jarra Jug
Jefes Chiefs
Jerga Jargon
Jugos Juices
Julio July
Lagos Lakes
Lazos Links
Leyes Laws
Loros Parrots
Lunar Lunar
Magos Magicians
Manos Hands
Mapas Maps
Mares Seas
Media Media
Memes Memes
Menta Mint
Menús Menus
Mesas Tables
Metas Goals
Miles Thousands
Modas Fashions
Monos Monkeys
Moscú Moscow
Móvil Mobile
Multa Fine
Naves Ships
Nepal Nepal
Niños Children
Notas Notes
Nubes Clouds
Nudos Knots
Obras Works
Ojera Eye
Ollas Pots
Ondas Waves
Onzas Ounces
Opera Opera
Osito Teddy Bear
Ovulo Ovule
Óxido Oxide
Pañal Diaper
Panes Bread
París Paris
Pasas Raisins
Paseo Walk
Patos Ducks
Pausa Pause
Pauta Guideline
Pavos Turkeys
Pecas Freckles
Peces Fish
Regla Rule
Reino Kingdom
Reyes Kings
Rímel Mascara
Riocas Riocas
Ritos Rites
Rulos Curls
Rusia Russia
Santa Santa
Sapos Toads
Vacas Cows
Valle Valley
Vasos Vessels
Viaje Travel

5-Letters Verbs In Spanish (Verbos)

Verbs are those words that are used to express actions, states, attitudes, conditions, events of nature, or existence. For example: to go (ir), to run correr), to touch (tocar). 

You can find infinitive as well as conjugated verbs in our list of Spanish five-letter words. Remember that Spanish infinitives end in one of these three-letter combinations: -ar, -er or -ir. So, if you notice a verb that ends in any one of these letter combinations, the verb is in its infinitive form!

Conjugated verbs can also be found in this list of five-letter Spanish words. The conjugated form of a verb is when the verb has been changed depending on the person doing the action. 

  • Ella juega con la muñeca She plays with the doll
    “Juega” (plays) is the verb. 
  • Juan ve la televisión Juan watches television
    “Ve” (watches) is the verb.

Here you have a list of 5-letter verbs to add to your Spanish vocabulary:

Spanish English
Armar Assemble
Aúllo I howl
Ayuda Help
Ayuna Fast
Burla Taunt
Calmó Calm
Cansa Tires
Canta Sing
Cantó He sang
Dancé I Danced
Deben Must
Debes Must
Dejas Leave
Dices You say
Diles Tell them
Donan Donate
Espío I Spy
Estar Be
Evade Evade
Evoca Evokes
Exige Demands
Fumar Smoking
Gastó Spent
Grabé Recorded
Gritó Shouted
Había Had
Habla Speak
Habrá There will be
Hacen They do
Haces You do
Halla Find
Irías Go
Jugar Play
Ladró Barked
Licua Mix
Logró Achieved
Manda Send
Marcó Marked
Miras You see
Morir Die
Nadar Swim
Odias Hate
Oírte Hearing you
Pagar Pay
Pasar  Pass 
Quede Stay
Quemó Burned
Rezan Pray
Rimar Rhyme
Robar Stealing
Rodar Roll
Sabía Knew
Salir Exit
Salta Jump
Sanar Heal
Serás You will be
Tengo I have
Tenía Had
Tiene Has
Vengo I come
Vimos We saw
Volar Fly
Votar Vote
Yendo Going to
Image by Racool_studio via Freepik

5-Letters Adverbs In Spanish (Adverbios)

An adverb is a type of word whose function is to modify or complement a verb, an adjective, another adverb, or, on certain occasions, an entire sentence. Its function is similar to that of the adjective, but the adverb is invariable: it does not change its gender or number.

  • María trabaja lejos. Maria works far away.
    “Lejos” (far away) is the adverb.
  • Ese vestido es similar al mío. That dress is similar to mine.
    “Similar” (similar) is the adverb.

Expand your adverb vocabulary with this list of 5-letter adverbs!

Spanish English
Abajo Below
Acaso Maybe
Ahora Now
Antes Before
Atrás Back
Bueno Good
Cerca Nearby
Detrás Behind
Donde Where
Entre Enter
Fuera Outside
Jamás Never
Justo Just
Lejos Far
Luego Then
Mitad Half
Mucho Much
Nunca Never
Quien Who
Quizá Maybe
Sobre About

5-Letters Adjectives In Spanish (Adjetivos)

The adjective is a kind of word that qualifies the noun in the sentence, provides additional information or complements its meaning. 

The adjective can express different characteristics such as qualities (beautiful, tall), states (single, sad, happy), attitudes (active, idealistic), possibilities (probable, incredible), origin or nationality (Mexican, Argentinean).

Spanish adjectives must agree in number and gender with the nouns they describe. This also means that the endings of Spanish adjectives can vary. 

  • El coche azul es de mi tío. The blue car is my uncle’s.
    “Azul” (blue) is the adjective.
  • Su hija es mexicana.His daughter is Mexican.
    “Mexicana” (mexican) is the adjective.

Here is a list of 5-letters adjectives in Spanish!

Spanish English
Débil Weak
Densa Dense
Dulce Sweet
Duros Hard
Ebrio Drunken
Flaca Skinny
Frías Cold
Frita Fried
Gorda Fat
Grave Serious
Guapo Handsome
Iluso Iluso
India Indian
Indio Indian
Iraní Iranian
Islam Islam
Larga Long
Lenta Slow
Libre Free
Linda Linda
Locas Locas
Locos Locos
Malas Bad
Males Males
Malos Bad
Patán Muttley
Rojas Red
Rotas Broken
Rusas Russian
Tenso Tense
Terca Stubborn
Tonta Dumb
Torpe Clumsy
Usado Used
Verde Green
Zurda Lefty

Start learning Spanish today!

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Mastering the Spanish language, particularly these five-letter words, will allow you to create rich, meaningful sentences. Unravel hard Spanish words, interesting Spanish facts, and explore the vibrant cultures of Spanish-speaking countries with us.

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