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Published on: Vocabulary

Spanish Words That Start With A

Hey there, language enthusiasts! Ever wondered about the intriguing world of Spanish words that start with A? We’re about to dive into an exploration so captivating, you’ll forget you’re learning. From everyday conversations to romantic terms like “el amor,” the letter “A” plays a starring role in many common Spanish words.

Spanish words starting with A are not just run-of-the-mill vocabulary; they offer a gateway into the culture, traditions, and essence of Spanish-speaking countries. Whether it’s a simple Spanish word like amigo or more complex ones, these are the building blocks of a language spoken by millions around the globe.

Stay tuned, because we will tackle various types of Spanish words, from nouns to verbs to adverbs and adjectives, all starting with the fantastic letter “A.” Get ready to boost your vocabulary and deepen your understanding of this beautiful language!

How ‘A’ Influences Pronunciation in Spanish

Ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of how the letter ‘A’ shapes pronunciation in the world of Spanish words? In the English language, the sound of ‘A’ can be elusive, changing from word to word. Ah, but in Spanish, the story’s a little different! The letter ‘A’ in Spanish words that start with this vowel has a clear, consistent sound, reminiscent of the ‘a’ in the English word “carpet.”

This short and sweet ‘A’ sound pops up all over the language, not just in words but in the very fabric of conversation. When you cheer “Arriba!” in excitement, for example, that ‘A’ sound takes center stage. Mastering this one letter can transform your experience with Spanish words, making your journey through this rich language far more rewarding


Did you know that the letter “A” is the most commonly used vowel in the Spanish language? It’s often the first letter taught because it’s so easy to pronounce!

Spanish Nouns Starting With A (Sustantivos)

Nouns serve as the building blocks of our conversations, labeling people, locations, objects, or concepts. They’re indispensable in all languages for helping us understand and talk about our environment.

In the Spanish language, nouns take on a gender identity—either masculine or feminine—and may also change their form to fit their function in a sentence.

Let’s explore the most common everyday nouns!

Spanish  English
Alfombra Friend
Árbol Tree
Abdomen Belly
Alfombra Carpet
Ancla Anchor
Ave Bird
Ángel Angel
Agua Water
Aire  Air
Aceite Oil
Almohada Pillow
Image by Pearse O'Halloran via Unsplash
Spanish  English 
Animal Animal
Aeropuerto Airport
Azúcar Sugar
Álamo Poplar (tree)
Atardecer Sunset
Abuelo Grandfather
Aula Classroom
Año Year
Alimento Food


Nouns in Spanish that start with the letter “A” come in all shapes and sizes, much like the letter itself. From everyday items like “amigo” (friend) and “árbol” (tree) to specialized terms like anatomía (anatomy) and “arco iris” (rainbow), these nouns add richness to your vocabulary.

Whether rooted in Latin origins or borrowed from other languages—like “ángel” from the Greek word ‘Angelos’—these words are integral to the Spanish language. Learning them not only expands your lexicon but also offers a fascinating glimpse into the diverse influences that have shaped Spanish over the years.

Spanish Verbs Starting With A (Verbos)

Verbs are the action words in a sentence, the dynamic forces that bring language to life. They describe what a subject is doing, experiencing, or being. In Spanish, verbs are just as essential, often changing to fit the tense, mood, and subject of the sentence.

Ready to kick your Spanish into high gear? Come along and explore this list of Spanish verbs that start with the letter “A.”

Spanish  English 
Amar To love
Andar To walk
Ayudar To help
Aceptar To accept
Asistir To attend
Aprender To learn
Añadir To add
Acabar To finish
Abrir To open


Did you know the word “avocado” comes from the Spanish word “aguacate,” which in turn comes from an Aztec word meaning “testicle”?

Spanish  English 
Apagar Turn off
Averiguar To find out
Aplaudir To applaud
Arreglar To fix / arrange
Abrazar To  hug
Advertir To warn
Ahorrar To save (money)
Adivinar To guess
Ascender To ascend / climb
Atender To attend to
Avisar To notify / warn


After exploring our list of Spanish verbs that start with “A,” you’ve probably noticed a thing or two. Take “aprender,” meaning “to learn.” It’s reflexive, emphasizing that learning is a personal journey. Pretty neat, right?

So, kudos for diving into this list. You’re now better equipped to navigate the many nuances of the Spanish language, one compelling verb at a time!

Spanish Adverbs Starting With A (Adverbios)

Adverbs are the seasoning in the soup of language, the words that describe how, when, or where an action happens. They can modify verbs, adjectives, or even other adverbs, making them versatile additions to any sentence. In Spanish, adverbs are just as critical for adding layers of meaning and clarity.

Ready for a linguistic adventure? Dive into our curated list of Spanish adverbs that start with the intriguing letter “A.”

Spanish  English 
Apenas Hardly
Así Thus / so
Adrede On purpose
Afuera Outside
Aún Still / yet
Allá There
Adelante Ahead
Atrás Behid
A menudo Often
Acaso Perhaps
Alrededor Around
Image by Miguel Alcântara via Unsplash
Spanish  English
Además Besides
Ahí There
Antes Before
Ahora Now
Alguna vez Ever
A tiempo On time
A lo mejor Maybe
Abajo Down
Arriba Up


After scrolling through our list of Spanish adverbs beginning with “A,” you’ve certainly expanded your toolbox for expressing how, when, or where an action occurs.

Caught sight of “apenas,” meaning “barely” or “hardly”? It’s a go-to word in both formal and informal settings, perfect for emphasizing scarcity or difficulty.

This list isn’t just words; it’s a step toward fine-tuning your understanding of the Spanish language. Keep it up, and soon you’ll be navigating the ins and outs of Spanish with ease!

Spanish Adjectives Starting With A (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are the color in the painting of language, the words that help us describe nouns in vibrant detail. Whether you’re talking about a person, a place, or a thing, adjectives let you specify size, quality, emotion, and so much more. In Spanish, adjectives often change their form to match the noun they modify, adding a layer of complexity and richness to the language.

Feeling ready to spice up your Spanish? Take a look at our compelling list of Spanish adjectives that begin with the captivating letter “A.”

Spanish  English 
Alto Tall
Ancho Wide
Alegre Happy
Amable Kind
Antiguo Old
Asombroso Amazing
Ágil Agile
Adecuado Suitable
Atractivo Attractive


Atractivo” sounds a little tricky to pronounce, right?. That rolling “r” is a sound that doesn’t come naturally to English speakers. In Spanish, it’s a trilled “r,” and it can make a world of difference in pronunciation.

Pronunciation Tip: Focus on the double ‘r’ in the middle. It’s a trilled or rolled ‘r,’ which is like a soft ‘d’ in English but rolled multiple times. You make the sound by vibrating your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Think of the way a cat purrs and apply that concept to your tongue.

Try this: say “ah-trrrr-ahk-tee-voh,” making sure to roll that ‘r’ like you’re revving up a tiny engine. Practicing this word can help you get comfortable with the notorious rolled ‘r,’ and soon you’ll say “atractivo” like a pro!

Spanish  English 
Amable Kind
Áspero Rough
Atrevido Daring
Artificial Artificial
Amplio Spacious
Amargo Bitter
Angosto Narrow
Audaz Bold
Anónimo Anonymous
Azul Blue
Apacible Calm


If you’ve been perusing our list of Spanish adjectives starting with “A,” you’ve essentially stumbled upon a treasure trove for describing the world around you.

Did you spot “amable,” which translates to “kind”? This adjective is often used in social contexts, underscoring the importance of kindness in Spanish-speaking cultures.

So, give yourself a pat on the back! By delving into this list, you’re adding depth to your Spanish conversations, enriching your vocabulary one delightful adjective at a time!

Start Your Journey with the Letter ‘A’

So, you see, Spanish words that start with A are more than just random combinations of letters. They’re your keys to unlocking the rich tapestry of the Spanish language and its cultures.

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