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Published on: Vocabulary

Spanish Words That Start With V

Ever stopped to ponder the richness and depth of the Spanish language? With its rolling Rs and melodic flow, it truly is a language that sings to the soul. Think of a sun-soaked summer in Spain: wandering the golden beaches, roaming ancient streets, and now and then, catching the echoes of laughter and shouts. And you might be surprised how often those spirited calls start with the letter ‘V’. 

While a letter might seem like just a simple character on paper, it’s a gateway to tales, traditions, and treasures. In the vast sea of Spanish words, the letter ‘V’ stands as a testament to a unique blend of history, phonetics, and culture, encapsulating stories that span continents and centuries. So, tighten your shoelaces and pack your curiosity; we’re about to embark on a vibrant voyage through the versatile world of ‘V’ in Spanish!

History Of Letter V In Spanish Language

The letter ‘V’ in the Spanish language has had quite the journey. Originally, in Latin, there was no distinction between the letters ‘V’ and ‘U’. Over time, as Latin evolved into what we know today as Spanish, the two letters differentiated in use and pronunciation. One might say the journey of ‘V’ is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of language itself.

Phonetics and Pronunciation

Diving into the world of Spanish phonetics is akin to embarking on a sonic adventure. One of the most intriguing aspects of this journey is the pronunciation of the letter ‘V’. In most regions of Spain, and indeed in many Spanish-speaking areas worldwide, the ‘V’ finds itself sounding much like the English ‘B’. It’s a linguistic nuance that often catches learners by surprise.

Words and Influence

The influx of Spanish words that start with ‘V’ doesn’t just stem from Latin. Over time, Spanish has borrowed and adapted from various languages. From “vagabundo” (wanderer) to “vacation” (vacaciones), the history of each word paints a picture of Spain’s storied past.

Spanish Nouns Starting With V (Sustantivos)

Nouns are the building blocks of a sentence, representing people, places, things, or ideas. Curious to explore some Spanish nouns that start with the letter ‘V’? Let’s dive in!

Spanish  English
Vaca  Cow
Valle  Valley
Vaso  Glass
Ventana  Window
Verano  Summer
Vestido  Dress
Viaje  Trip/Travel
Vino  Wine
Viento  Wind
Villa  Village


The letter ‘V’ is often referred to as “uve” in modern Spanish. However, it was traditionally called “ve” for centuries. To avoid confusion between ‘B’ (be) and ‘V’ (ve), the term “uve” became popularized in the 20th century. This adaptation showcases the language’s flexibility and its response to evolving communication needs over the years.

Spanish  English
Vuelo  Flight
Voz  Voice
Vista  View/Sight
Virtud  Virtue
Violín  Violin
Virus  Virus
Volcán  Volcano
Vuelta  Turn/Return
Vestuario  Wardrobe
Vendedor  Seller


Did you find the list intriguing? One particularly fascinating noun from our list is “Volcán” which means “Volcano”. Spain’s Canary Islands are home to numerous volcanoes, with Mount Teide on Tenerife being the highest peak in Spain. So not only do these nouns enrich your vocabulary, but they also provide a window into Spain’s geography and culture. Expand your linguistic horizons and dive deeper into the meanings and tales behind each noun!

Spanish Verbs Starting With V (Verbos)

Verbs are dynamic words that express actions, states, or occurrences. They’re the engines that drive our sentences forward. Excited to uncover some Spanish verbs that kick off with the vibrant letter ‘V’? Let’s get moving!

Spanish  English 
Viajar  To Travel
Ver  To See
Vivir  To Live
Volar  To Fly
Vender  To Sell
Venir  To Come
Votar  To Vote
Valer  To Be Worth
Variar  To Vary
Vestir  To Dress
Image by vecstock via Freepik
Spanish  English 
Vencer  To Defeat
Visitar  To Visit
Vigilar  To Watch/To Guard
Validar  To Validate
Vacunar  To Vaccinate
Volver  To Return
Ventilar  To Ventilate
Vomitar  To Vomit
Valorar  To Value/To Appraise
Verificar  To Verify


Isn’t the versatility of verbs starting with ‘V’ quite vast? One captivating verb from our list is “Viajar”, which means “To Travel”. The verb “Viajar” encapsulates the Spanish spirit of adventure and discovery, inviting us to explore new horizons, meet diverse people, and immerse ourselves in unique experiences. Every verb holds a story, and with each one you learn, you’re one step closer to fluently expressing your tales in Spanish!

Spanish Adverbs Starting With V (Adverbios)

Adverbs are the chameleons of the language world. They modify verbs, adjectives, or even other adverbs, providing more detail about how, where, when, or to what degree something happens. Ready to venture into some vibrant Spanish adverbs that launch with the letter ‘V’? Let’s unravel them!

Spanish  English 
Velozmente  Swiftly
Vagamente  Vaguely
Verdaderamente  Truly
Verticalmente  Vertically
Vívidamente  Vividly
Voluntariamente  Voluntarily
Vorazmente  Ravenously
Violentamente  Violently
Viciosamente  Viciously
Vistosamente  Showily/Flashily


The word “Vela” in Spanish can mean both “sail” (like on a boat) and “candle”. So, if someone invites you for a “vela” night, context is everything! You might either be setting sail on a moonlit voyage or simply enjoying a cozy evening by candlelight.

Spanish  English 
Vacilantemente Hesitatingly
Valientemente Bravely
Vigorosamente Vigorously
Vitalmente Vitally
Virtualmente Virtually
Verosímilmente Plausibly
Verazmente Truthfully
Voluminosamente Voluminously
Ventajosamente Advantageously
Vulgarmente Commonly/Vulgarly

Navigating the nuances of adverbs is a journey of discovery. Take “Vívidamente” from our list, which means “Vividly”. It’s a word that adds color and intensity to descriptions, echoing the vibrant culture and scenery of Spanish-speaking countries. When you say something happened “vívidamente,” you’re painting a picture full of life, emotions, and details. Remember, adverbs are the spices in the flavorful dish of language; sprinkle them generously to make your conversations flavorful and impactful!

Spanish Adjectives Starting With V (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are the descriptive words in our linguistic toolkit. They paint pictures, set moods, and bring objects, places, and even people to life by defining their characteristics. Eager to illuminate your Spanish vocabulary with adjectives that vibrate with the letter ‘V’? Let’s unveil them!

Spanish  English 
Valiente  Brave
Verde  Green
Vago  Lazy/Vague
Valioso  Valuable
Veloz  Fast/Quick
Viejo  Old
Virtuoso  Virtuous
Vulnerable  Vulnerable
Versátil  Versatile
Voluminoso  Bulky/Voluminous
Image by Freepik
Spanish  English 
Vivaz  Lively/Vivid
Vergonzoso  Shy/Ashamed
Venidero  Upcoming
Verídico  Truthful
Vicioso  Vicious
Ventoso  Windy
Vistoso  Showy/Flashy
Voraz  Ravenous
Vigilante  Watchful
Viril  Virile


Isn’t it wonderful how adjectives can transform a simple sentence into a vivid tapestry? From our list, the word “Vivaz” stands out, meaning “Lively” or “Vivid”. It embodies the spirited energy and zest for life that many associate with Spanish-speaking cultures, from the lively dance of flamenco to the vivid colors of a fiesta. Just as “Vivaz” infuses life into descriptions, each adjective on our list offers a unique shade of meaning. Dive deep into these hues, and you’ll find your Spanish descriptions becoming more expressive and evocative!

Venturing Beyond the Letter ‘V’: Wrapping Up Our Vibrant Voyage

The voyage through Spanish words starting with the letter ‘V’ is as enlightening as it is enchanting. From history to everyday conversations, the depth and beauty of these words are undeniable. If you’re itching to dive deeper, remember, SpanishVIP is here to help. With Dedicated Teachers by your side and Student Success Advisors to guide you, mastering Spanish has never been easier. Ready to embark on this journey? Start with a free 1:1 class or relish in a complimentary 7 days of group sessions. The world of ‘V’ awaits!

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