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Published on: Vocabulary

Spanish Words That Start With B

Hey, language enthusiasts! Let’s talk about the Spanish alphabet for a moment. You know, that wonderfully dynamic system of 27 letters that enables you to articulate everything from love to lunch in Spanish. Ah, but we’re not here to discuss the whole array; we’re spotlighting one superstar today—the letter B! Oh, yes, B is for brilliant, and it’s also for a boatload of Spanish words that start with B.

History Of Letter B In Spanish Language

B holds a special place in the history of the Spanish language, appearing in countless words that are essential to everyday life. Whether you’re ordering a “bebida” in Buenos Aires or simply want to call someone “bobo” (not the nicest thing, mind you), you’ll find B popping up like a socialite at a VIP party.

The Evolution of B 

Here’s a fun fact to get us started: the letter B originally comes from the Phoenician symbol “bet,” which evolved into the Greek “beta,” and voilà!—it entered Latin and then made its way into Spanish. Talk about a globetrotter!

How It’s Used Today 

Did you know that in modern-day Spanish, B can be pronounced two ways? In Spain, you’ll notice a soft sound, almost like a V, while in Latin America, it retains its bold, B-ish essence. It’s this very duality that makes the letter a powerhouse of versatility!

Spanish Nouns Starting With B (Sustantivos)

Nouns are the words we use to identify things, places, people, or ideas. They’re the backbone of sentences, acting as the subject or the object. If you’re stoked about Spanish nouns starting with the letter B, get ready for a treat. Here comes a bountiful list just for you!

Spanish  English 
Bebida Drink
Bañera Bathtub
Banco Bank / Bench
Barco Boat
Bicicleta Bicycle
Boleto Ticket
Bolso Bag
Bosque Forest
Botella Bottle
Brazo Arm
Broma Joke


In the modern Spanish alphabet, the letter “B” has the same pronunciation as the letter “V.” This can be quite tricky for new learners since in English and many other languages, “B” and “V” have distinct sounds. But in Spanish, whether you see “barco” (boat) or “vaca” (cow), the initial sound you’ll hear is the same! This unique aspect of the Spanish language has its roots in historical linguistic evolution and is one of the many interesting quirks that make learning Spanish a captivating journey.

Spanish  English
Bufanda Scarf
Buzón Mailbox
Ballena Whale
Batería Battery
Boda Wedding
Bolígrafo Pen
Bandera Flag
Biblioteca Library
Brote Sprout


Take “Biblioteca,” for example. In Spanish-speaking countries, it’s not just a library but a hub for community and culture. Or consider “Bosque,” the Spanish word for forest, deeply rooted in local folklore and traditions.

Each of these nouns isn’t just a word; it’s a gateway to understanding a richer, more complex world. Pretty cool, right? Keep exploring!

Spanish Verbs Starting With B (Verbos)

Verbs are action words; they describe what a subject is doing, has done, or will do. They’re the engines of sentences, propelling ideas forward. So, if you’re ready to discover some action-packed Spanish verbs that start with B, buckle up!

Spanish  English 
Bailar To dance
Bañar To bathe
Beber To drink
Buscar To look for
Borrar To erase
Brindar To toast
Bajar To lower
Besar To kiss
Brillar To shine
Image by Drew Dizzy Graham via Unsplash
Spanish  English 
Bromear To joke
Barrer To sweep
Batir To beat
Beneficiar To benefit
Bloquear To block
Bucear To scuba dive
Bendecir To bless
Burlear To mock


That’s quite a lineup of verbs, right? But let’s focus on an interesting one: “Bucear,” which means to scuba dive. In Spanish-speaking countries with coastlines, this verb comes alive in a very literal sense, as scuba diving often plays a big role in tourism and local economies. Knowing this verb could be your ticket to an unforgettable underwater adventure!

So, each of these verbs is like a key that unlocks new experiences and perspectives. Ready to discover more? Keep the quest for language learning going!

Spanish Adverbs Starting With B (Adverbios)

Adverbs are the spice rack of the language kitchen. They modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, adding nuance to actions or qualities. Want to give your Spanish sentences some extra zing? Let’s dive into some Spanish adverbs that start with the letter B!

Spanish  English 
Bastante Enough
Bien Well
Bajo Under
Bruscamente Abruptly
Brevemente Briefly
Brillantemente Brilliantly
Borrosamente Blurry
Brutalmente Brutally


As you can see, it is unusual to find adverbs with the letter B. These are the most common ones!


Did you know the letter “B” is often humorously referred to as “la be grande” (the big B) in Spanish? That’s to distinguish it from the letter “V,” which is sometimes called “la be chica” (the small B) even though they sound the same. It’s a playful way to navigate the often confusing waters of “B” and “V” pronunciation in Spanish!

Spanish Adjectives Starting With B (Adjetivos)

Adjectives are the colorful descriptors of language. They provide detail to nouns, painting a clearer, more vibrant picture. Interested in sprucing up your sentences with some Spanish adjectives that start with B? Let’s get right to it!

Spanish  English 
Bello Beautiful
Bueno Good
Barato Cheap
Bilingüe Bilingual
Breve Brief
Borroso Blurry
Bajo Short / lost
Bisiesto Leap, as in leap year
Boliviano Bolivian


Take note here! The “ü” in “bilingüe” is what’s known as a diaeresis mark. In Spanish, it’s used over the letter ‘u‘ to indicate that the ‘u‘ should be pronounced separately from the preceding vowel—in this case, the ‘g.’ Without the diaeresis, the word might be pronounced as if the ‘u‘ and ‘g‘ are combined, resulting in a “gw” sound. But with the diaeresis, you pronounce both the ‘g‘ and the ‘u,’ making the word sound like “bil-in-goo-eh.”

In essence, the diaeresis ensures that you say both vowels distinctly. Pretty neat, right? Keep this in mind; it’s one of those little details that make Spanish the fascinating language it is!

Spanish  English 
Boricua Puerto Rican
Bufón Clownish
Brutal Brutal
Burocrático Bureaucratic
Bizarro Bizarre
Blanquecino Whitish
Blando Soft


That was a whirlwind of descriptive prowess, right? Let’s zoom in on one in particular: “Boricua.” This is more than just an adjective; it’s an identity. Used to describe people from Puerto Rico, “Boricua” captures a rich cultural tapestry and a sense of pride.

So, these adjectives are not just stylistic flourishes; they often carry cultural, historical, and social weight. Each one is like a tiny window into the Spanish-speaking world. Fascinating, wouldn’t you agree? Keep learning and exploring!

Image by Pete Alexopoulos via Unsplash

Now You Know a Lot of Spanish Words Starting with B

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? We’ve delved into the captivating world of Spanish words that start with the letter B. From the bank to the bathtub and beyond, we’ve explored nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. There’s a whole banquet of B-words in Spanish waiting for you to discover and use. Languages aren’t just lists of words; they’re living, breathing entities that grow richer the more you engage with them.

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Get ready to bask in the beauty of the Spanish language, one B-word at a time. See you around!

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