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Sad Spanish Songs That Will Put You in Your Feels

Welcome, fellow music and language enthusiasts! Ever found yourself captivated by the alluring rhythm of Spanish music or the emotive depth of romantic Spanish poems

Well, you’re in the right place. This blog post dives into the realm of the best sad Spanish songs, exploring a multitude of styles that are as varied as they are captivating.

From the heartfelt tunes of Latin Grammy winners to the touching lyrics of old and contemporary Spanish singers, we’ll take you on an emotional journey through the landscape of Spanish music.  We’ll explore songs that reflect the pain of unrequited love, songs that echo the timeless wisdom of an old man, and tunes that encapsulate the melancholy of heartbreak.

Though not as cheerful as learning phrases for flirting in Spanish, understanding these sad songs can provide profound insight into the depth and diversity of Spanish culture. We’ll also be delving into how these songs are written, the stories behind them, and their impact on listeners.

Ready to explore diverse music styles and Spanish lyrics’ depth? Join us as we delve into the saddest Spanish songs. These sad songs narrate painful emotions uniquely, showcasing how music expresses what words sometimes can’t. We guarantee a rich cultural journey. Stay tuned for our insightful final thoughts. Let’s get started!

Which Spanish-Speaking Singers Are The Most Famous?

The most famous Spanish-speaking singers who have left great traces in the Spanish-speaking culture are Marco Antonio Solís, Ricky Martin, Juan Gabriel, Mercedes Sosa, Reik, Sin Bandera y Joan Manuel Serrat, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Juanes, Selena Quintanilla, Gloria Estefan y Julieta Venegas.

What Are The Saddest Spanish Songs?

1. Si Tu No Vuelves – Miguel Bosé

“If you don’t come back”

This is a sad song about waiting. A person waiting for the other person to come back, and telling them everything they would do if he/she doesn’t come back home. Here is the most emblematic part of the song:

Si tú no vuelves
If you don’t come back

No quedarán más que desiertos
There will be nothing left but deserts

Y escucharé por sí
And I’ll listen in case

Algún latido le queda a esta tierra
If there’s any heartbeat left in this land

Que era tan serena cuando me querías
That was so serene when you loved me

Había un perfume fresco que yo respiraba
There was a fresh perfume that I breathed

Era tan bonita, era así de grande
It was so beautiful, it was so big

Y no tenía fin
And there was no end to it


Y cada noche vendrá una estrella a hacerme compañía
And every night a star will come to keep me company

Que te cuente cómo estoy y sepas lo que hay
To tell you how I am and you know what’s here

Dime amor, amor, amor, estoy aquí, ¿no ves?
Tell me love, love, love, I’m here, don’t you see?

Si no vuelves no habrá vida, no sé lo que haré
If you don’t come back there’ll be no life, I don’t know what I’ll do

2. Muñeca De Trapo – La Oreja De Van Gogh

“Rag Doll”

The song talks about the feeling of helplessness for not being able to clearly show her feelings for someone, which leads to the loss of this person. Hence the title, always being silent makes her feel like a rag doll.

Here is the chorus, which was even censored in some countries for mentioning “the devil”. 

Me abrazaría al diablo sin dudar
I would hug the devil without hesitation

Por ver tu cara al escucharme hablar
To see your face when you hear me speak

Eres todo lo que más quiero
You’re all I want most

Pero te pierdo en mis silencios
But I lose you in my silences

Mis ojos son dos cruces negras
My eyes are two black crosses

Que no han hablado nunca claro
That have never spoken clearly

Mi corazón lleno de pena
My heart full of sorrow

Y yo una muñeca de trapo
And I am a rag doll

3. Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte – Mecano 

“It’s so hard to forget you”

Ana Torroja, singer of Mecano, talks about the meaning of this great song, saying: “Who has not suffered for love, who does not know how heartbreaking is a heartbreak and, of course, it is much more heartbreaking when you are younger because you do not have the scars. 

It is a song in which you realize that you have just lost someone who was important in your life, although I have also said that when we don’t have something, we idealize it and maybe if that someone came back we would push them away again”.

Here you have the second part of the song that easily represents what the singer wanted to convey:

Olvidarte me cuesta tanto
Forgetting you costs me so much

Olvidar quince mil encantos
To forget fifteen thousand charms

Es mucha sensatez
It’s a lot of sense


Y no sé si seré sensato
And I don’t know if I’ll be sensible

Lo que sé es que me cuesta un rato
What I do know is that it costs me a while

Hacer cosas sin querer
To do things without wanting to


Y aunque fui yo quién decidió que ya no más
And though it was me who decided no more

Y no me cansé de jurarte
And I’m not tired of swearing to you

Que no habrá segunda parte
That there won’t be a second part

Me cuesta tanto olvidarte
It’s so hard for me to forget you

Image by wayhomestudio via Freepik

4. Corre – Jesse y Joy


Is a song that compares the behavior of your partner with the one you had at the beginning of the courtship and you realize that it is not the same. He has changed and indifference now predominates. The relationship is about to end and he has no more to offer to this relationship. 

This is the part of the song that most represents the monotony of the couple:

Así que corre, corre, corre, corazón
So run, run, run, run, sweetheart

De los dos, tú siempre fuiste el más veloz
Of the two of us, you’ve always been the faster one

Toma todo lo que quieras, pero vete ya
Take all you want, but go now

Que mis lágrimas jamás te voy a dar
That my tears I’ll never give you


Han sido tantas despedidas que en verdad
There have been so many goodbyes that in truth

Dedicarte un verso más está de más
To dedicate one more verse to you is one verse too many

Así que corre como siempre, que no iré detrás
So run like always, I won’t go after you

Lo has hecho ya, y la verdad, me da igual
You’ve already done it, and the truth is, I don’t care.

5. Me Voy – Julieta Venegas

“I’m leaving”

The song is a farewell between two lovers that one paid attention to the other and didn’t value him/her, so what he/she has to do is to say “I’m leaving” even if it hurts and knows that something better will come, someone who knows how to love him/her and who understood that there wasn’t enough love.

The chorus represents the most significant part of the song, where she shows her pity but decision to get out of the relationship: 

No voy a llorar y decir
I’m not going to cry and say

Que no merezco esto
That I don’t deserve this


Es probable que
It’s probably that

Lo merezco, pero no lo quiero, por eso me voy
I deserve it, but I don’t want it, that’s why I’m leaving


¡Qué lástima, pero adiós!
Too bad, but goodbye!

Me despido de ti y me voy
I’m saying goodbye to you and I’m leaving

¡Qué lástima, pero adiós!
What a pity, but goodbye!

Me despido de ti
I say goodbye to you


Porque sé que me espera algo mejor
Because I know that something better awaits me

Alguien que sepa darme amor
Someone who knows how to give me love

De ese que endulza la sal y hace que salga el sol
The kind that sweetens the salt and makes the sun come up

Image by wayhomestudio via Freepik

6. Rosas – La Oreja De Van Gogh


It tells the story of a romance that had a beginning that seemed magical for the protagonist, but, unfortunately, everything came to an undesired end and the couple was separated. 

She still hopes that one day he will arrive with a bouquet of roses and ask her to forgive him so that they can continue with the relationship that began some time ago and seemed idyllic. 

It is the most famous song of La Oreja de Van Gogh and here we leave you the most recognized part of the song:

Pasaron seis meses y me dijiste adiós
Six months passed and you told me goodbye

Un placer coincidir en esta vida
A pleasure to coincide in this life

Allí me quedé, en una mano el corazón
There I stayed, my heart in one hand

Y en la otra excusas que ni tú entendías
And in the other hand excuses that you didn’t even understand


Por eso esperaba con la carita empapada
That’s why I waited with my little face soaking wet

A que llegaras con rosas, con mil rosas para mí
For you to arrive with roses, with a thousand roses for me

Porque ya sabes que me encantan esas cosas
Because you know I love those things

Que no importa si es muy tonto, soy así
That it doesn’t matter if it’s very silly, I’m like that

Y aún me parece mentira que se escape mi vida
And I still can’t believe that my life is slipping away

Imaginando que vuelves a pasarte por aquí
Imagining that you’re coming back here again

Donde los viernes cada tarde, como siempre
Where every Friday afternoon, as always

La esperanza dice quieta, hoy quizás sí
Hope says still, today maybe yes

7. Amor Eterno – Juan Gabriel

“Eternal love”

The widely accepted backstory of this song is that it was penned as a heartfelt tribute to the artist’s mother following her demise, an event which coincided with his tour in Acapulco. 

“El Divo de Juárez” has confirmed in numerous interviews that this song was indeed composed for his mother, serving as a form of prayer to honor her memory.

Let’s see the chorus of this beautiful and at the same time sad song, very popular in Latin America:

Como quisiera
How I wish

Que tú vivieras
That you were alive

Que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran
That your eyes had never closed

Cerrado nunca y estar mirándolos
Never closed and be looking at them

Amor eterno
Eternal love

E inolvidable
And unforgettable

Pero tarde o temprano yo voy a estar contigo
But sooner or later I’ll be with you

Para seguir amándonos
To continue loving each other

Yo he sufrido mucho por tu ausencia
I’ve suffered a lot for your absence

Desde ese día hasta hoy, no soy feliz
From that day to this, I’m not happy

Y aunque tengo muy tranquila mi conciencia
And although I have a clear conscience

Yo sé qué pudo haber yo hecho más por ti
I know what I could have done more for you

Oscura soledad estoy viendo yo
Dark loneliness I am seeing

La misma soledad de tu sepulcro, mamá
The same loneliness of your tomb, mother

Y es que tú eres, es que tú eres el amor de cuál yo tengo
And it’s that you are, it’s that you are the love of which I have

El más triste recuerdo de Acapulco
The saddest memory of Acapulco

8. Mientes – Camila

“You Lie”

The song is dedicated to people who walk away from another’s life leaving a scar. As indicated in the title the song “Mientes” (you lie) is an action that people take to escape and begin to create lies in a relationship, love tends to disappear.

It is a very famous song in Latin America, and during the date of its release it was very well received. Here we leave you the chorus, which is the part that every Latin American knows:

Y con los ojos cerrados te seguí
And with my eyes closed I followed you

Si yo busqué dolor, lo conseguí
If I looked for pain, I got it

No eres la persona que pensé
You’re not the person I thought

Que creí, que pedí
That I believed, that I asked for


You lie

Me haces daño y luego te arrepientes
You hurt me and then you regret it

Ya no tiene caso que lo intentes
There’s no point in trying anymore

No me quedan ganas de sentir
I don’t want to feel

You arrive


Cuando estoy a punto de olvidarte
When I’m about to forget you

Busca tu camino en otra parte
Find your way somewhere else

Mientras busco el tiempo que perdí
While I search for the time I lost

Que hoy estoy mejor sin ti
That today I’m better off without you

Image by KamranAydinov via Freepik

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