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Flirting in Spanish: Conquer Hearts with Flirty Phrases & Lines

Are you single, navigating the vibrant landscapes of a Spanish-speaking locale, and eager to connect? Look no further! Unleash the power of romance with our comprehensive collection of 50+ flirtatious phrases and pickup lines in Spanish.

Beyond the classroom, immersing yourself in romantic escapades is a surprisingly effective strategy for enhancing your Spanish skills. Indeed, diving into the dating scene is not just about sparking a potential romance; it’s a dynamic way to boost your language proficiency. Engaging in meaningful conversations, exchanging sweet nothings, and even navigating the intricacies of flirting in Spanish can significantly enrich your linguistic journey.

Fear not if you’re just beginning your Spanish odyssey; mastering the art of greeting is your first step towards romantic fluency. Flirting in Spanish opens up a world of opportunities to:

  • Forge lasting connections: Romantic endeavors may or may not lead to everlasting love, but they’ll certainly introduce you to fantastic individuals who might become lifelong friends.
  • Sharpen your listening abilities: Regular exposure to Spanish conversations accelerates your path to fluency—a crucial tip for advancing your language skills swiftly.
  • Expand your vocabulary: From regal compliments to poetic descriptions, flirting is an enjoyable and effective method to broaden your lexicon.
  • Enjoy the learning process: Ultimately, having fun is key to sustained language learning. Flirting in Spanish is not only delightful but also introduces you to humorous expressions that add joy to your journey.

While we can’t promise you’ll meet your soulmate, we’re here to arm you with all the essentials for making a memorable impression. From initiating engaging conversations to understanding cultural nuances for respectful interactions, we’ve got you covered.

Let the adventure begin!

How to Say Flirt in Spanish 

If you’re looking to flirt in Spanish, start with the basics. The word you need is “coquetear” (co-keh-teh-are), which means to flirt. If someone is good at flirting, you can call them “coqueto” or “coqueta” (co-keh-toe/co-keh-tah) for a guy or girl.

Here’s how you can use “coquetear” in real life: “¿Está coqueteando con ella?” means “Is he flirting with her?” and “Él es todo un coqueto” means “He’s such a flirt!”

But, if you want to sound even cooler and more like a local, you should learn some slang. “Coquetear” is still used a lot, but with friends, you might hear different, more casual words for flirting. Here are a few:

  • “Ligar” (lee-gahr) is like saying to hook up or to tie.
  • “Tirar la onda” (tee-rahr la ohn-dah) means to throw the wave or to show you’re interested.
  • “Flirtear” (fleer-treh-are) is just a Spanish way to say flirt.
  • “Seducir” (seh-doo-seer) means to seduce.
  • “Hacer ojitos” (ah-sehr oh-he-toes) means to make googly eyes at someone.
  • “Camelar” (cah-meh-leh-are), “chinchosear” (cheen-cho-seh-are), and “gallinacear” (gah-yee-nah-seh-are) are fun, less common ways to say you’re flirting.

Learning these words is not just about flirting better; it’s also a cool way to get to know the fun side of Spanish. So next time you want to flirt or talk about flirting in Spanish, you’ve got plenty of words to choose from. Go ahead and give them a try!

Flirting in Spanish: Ways to Approach Someone

Sure, you can use long and funny or cheesy lines for flirting in Spanish but take a look at these straight-to-the-point examples:

1. ¿Quieres tomarte algo?

Wanna have a drink?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bar or not. It’s just an invitation to hang out.

2. ¿Qué hace una estrella volando tan bajito?

Why is a star flying so low?

Kind of cheesy but it could make people laugh.

3. Así como tú, me los recomendó el doctor

Just like you, these were recommended by the doctor.

This is an age-old expression, often used as a compliment upon meeting someone new or catching sight of them for the first time. It can also be used when discussing a new crush with a friend.

4. Con esos ojos mirándome, ya no me hace falta la luz del sol

With your eyes on me, I don’t need the sun anymore.

This pick-up line says that their eyes shine so bright that it feels like having all the light and warmth you need, making the sun unnecessary when you’re around them. It’s a sweet and nice way to show how special their eye contact is in romantic moments.

5. Perdí mi número, ¿me das el tuyo? 

I lost my phone number, can I have yours?

An audacious but effective way to start a conversation.

6. ¿Quieres bailar conmigo? 

Do you want to dance with me?

Quick and easy. Time to show your moves!

7. ¿Quieres salir conmigo? 

Do you want to go out with me?

Dating is always the perfect opportunity to use some of the phrases listed next. 

8. No puedo dejar de pensar en ti

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Straight to the point. Everyone loves it when you’re honest and direct.

9. Tantas curvas y yo sin frenos

All those curves and my brakes don’t work.

The very old way to imply that someone is hot. Use it as a joke, never seriously.

10. ¿Te dolió cuando te caíste del cielo?

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

This phrase is a classic. People in Colombia used to say this one a long time ago but now they wouldn’t take you so seriously.

However, this one is good for making people laugh while planting a doubt seed that will drive them nuts.

11. Mi café favorito siempre será el de tus ojos

My favorite brown color will always be the one in your eyes

As you might have guessed, this is another way to compliment someone’s eyes. In Latin American countries, the color brown is often referred to as “café“, which means coffee, but they’re also known as “pardos”, “castaños” or simply “Marrones”. 

12. El amor será ciego, pero hay que ver lo mucho que alegras la vista

Love may be blind, but seeing you brightens my day.

This pick-up line humorously suggests that even though love may be blind, the person being addressed brings so much joy and happiness to the eyes that it’s impossible not to see their beauty. It’s a playful and flattering way to compliment someone’s attractiveness.

13. Tantas estrellas en el espacio y ninguna brilla como tú

So many stars in space and none shine like you

This pick-up line charmingly compares the person being addressed to stars in the sky, emphasizing their unique brightness. It’s a sweet and flattering way to convey admiration and attraction.

14. Estoy seguro de que tenemos muchas cosas en común. ¿Te gustaría averiguarlo?

I’m sure we have a lot in common. Would you like to find out?

Spanish-speaking folks won’t miss any opportunity to echar los perros (Venezuelan slang for flirting).

Feeling lucky? Show confidence, that’s what everybody is looking for in a guy/woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with. After the previous line, you will need some interesting topics to employ in the conversation. Get ready!

Flirting in Spanish: Phrases for the Bold and Brave

Make that special person blush! By achieving this, you’ll have the advantage of the situation. Follow these examples:

  • Spanish: ¡Yo no tengo la culpa de que me gustes, la culpa es tuya por tener todo lo que me encanta!
    English: I’m not the one to blame because I like you, it’s you the one with everything I love!
  • Spanish: Espero que sepas primeros auxilios porque me estás dejando sin aliento.
    English: I hope you know first aid because you’re taking my breath away.
  • Spanish: ¿Puedes hacerme el favor de dejar de pasearte en mi mente? Me estás distrayendo.
    English: Could you please stop hanging around in my mind? You’re distracting me.
  • Spanish: Robar es malo pero por un beso tuyo me atrevería.
    English: Stealing is not good but I’d dare for one of your kisses.
  • Spanish: ¿Qué hace una persona tan atractiva, divertida y original… como yo sin tu número?
    English: What is such a handsome, fun, and original… guy like me doing without your number?

The best path is to not let them know about your intentions. Learn how to start with something simple.

  • Spanish: Hola, ¿podrías decirme tu nombre? Ayer soñé contigo pero desperté justo cuando ibas a decírmelo.
    English: Hi, could you please tell me your name? I dreamt about you yesterday but I woke up right when you were about to tell me.
  • Spanish: Si yo fuera e-mail, serías mi contraseña.
    English: If I were an e-mail, you’d be my password.
  • Spanish: Es tan dulce que cualquiera se quisiera volver diabético.
    English: She’s so sweet anyone would love to get diabetes.
  • Spanish: Si no crees en el amor a primera vista, podría seguir pasando un par de veces más.
    English: If you don’t believe in love at first sight, I might just keep passing by a couple more times.
  • Spanish: Seré sincero, me gustas. ¿Te gustaría que nos conociéramos mejor?.
    English: I’ll be honest, I like you. Would you like us to get to know each other better?
  • Spanish: Me gustas más que…
    English: I like you more than… (something you love, not someone!)
  • Spanish: Eres el postre perfecto para una cena romántica.
    English: You’re the perfect dessert for a romantic dinner.

Flirting in Spanish: The Cheesy Phrases

No matter the language, you can also allow yourself to be cheesy sometimes when you flirt…

  • Olvídate de las mariposas, tengo todo el zoológico en mi estómago cuando te veo.
    Forget about butterflies, I feel the whole zoo in my stomach when I see you.
  • Quisiera ser caramelo para pegarme en tus labios y deshacerme en tu boca.
    I’d like to be candy to stick on your lips and melt in your mouth.
  • Unos quieren el mundo, otros quieren el sol, yo solo me conformo con un lugar en tu corazón.
    Some wish the world and some the sun but I settle for a place in your heart.
  • Contigo ignoré las señales de peligro.
    I ignored the danger signs with you. 
  • Ni en clase de matemáticas me perdía tanto como en tu mirada.

Not even in math class did I get as lost as I did in your gaze.

  • Tiremos una moneda. Si sale cara, eres mía. Si sale cruz, soy tuyo.
    Let’s flip a coin. Heads, you’re mine. Tails, I’m yours.
  • ¿Tienes un mapa? Es que estoy perdido en tus ojos.
    Do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes.
  • Si yo fuera azafata, te llevaría en mi avión, pero como no lo soy, te llevo en mi corazón.
    If I were a flight attendant, I’d carry you in my airplane, but since I’m not, I’ll carry you in my heart.  
  • Ojalá fuera bombero para apagar el fuego de mi deseo.
    If only you were a firefighter to be able to put out the fire of my desire.
  • ¿Está perdida? Es que el cielo está lejos de aquí.
    Are you lost? Heaven is a long way from here.
  • Si besarte fuera un pecado, caminaría el infierno felizmente.
    If kissing you were a sin, I’d happily walk through hell.
  • Me encanta que siempre combinas tu camisa con tus ojos.
    I love that you always match your shirt with your eyes.
  • ¿Por cuanto tiempo debo mirar tus labios para que sepas que me provoca besarlos?
    For how long do I have to stare at your lips so you realize I want to kiss them?
  • Si la belleza fuera un pecado, tú no tendrías perdón.
    If beauty were a sin, you wouldn’t have forgiveness. 
  • Si tuviera que regalarte algo, te regalaría un espejo, porque después de este mundo, lo más bonito es tu reflejo.

If I had to give you something, I would give you a mirror, because after this world, the most beautiful thing is your reflection.

  • Quisiera ahogarme en el océano de tu mirada.
    I’d like to drown in the ocean of your gaze.

Flirting in Spanish: Starting a Conversation

Flirting in Spanish is pretty much the same as it could be in any other language aside from the pick-up lines which are completely different.

Here are some situations and how to act upon them that could be of help to you.

Meeting Someone From Abroad

Given that you are not a local, having a drink in a “cantina”, this is what you should expect first:

  1. ¿De dónde eres?: Where are you from?
  2. Soy de…  I’m from…
  3. ¿Qué haces?: What do you do?

Continue the conversation to see where it goes, whether flirting or not, you’re practicing the language.

If you need a guide:

  • ¿Podrías mostrarme la ciudad / el pueblo algún día?: Could you show me the city / the town someday?

If you see that there’s a connection, it’s always important to clearly state what your feelings are. Being rejected is not the end of the world. Besides,  you’ll avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and possible broken hearts.

Here is some useful vocabulary to help you take this off your chest.

Start with: 

  • Quiero ser honesto contigo: I want to be honest with you.


  • Busco amor: I’m looking for love.
  • Busco amistad: I’m looking for a friend.
  • Quiero hacer amigos: I want to make friends.
  • Quiero practicar mi español: I want to practice my Spanish.
  • Busco algo casual, sin compromisos: I’m looking for something casual, no commitments.
  • Busco sexo: I’m looking for sex.
  • Soy gay/lesbiana/bisexual: I’m gay/lesbian/bisexual.

Having established what you want, things will be a lot less complicated for both.

“Perdido en El Brillo de Tus Ojos”: Learn Spanish Compliments

During the time in which your efforts are focused on flirting, compliments play an important role. However, don’t think that after being in a relationship everything is over. You must be the same person you were at the beginning. 

A couple of words used to remind that special someone the characteristics you love are never too much.

1. Tienes una sonrisa preciosa

You have a beautiful smile.

An awesome phrase to approach anyone!

2. Estás muy bonito/bonita

You’re very beautiful.

The sentence refers to the present moment. If you mean to say he/she is beautiful the whole time, you say Eres muy bonito/bonita.

Remember that in this language “estar” is mostly used for states and “ser” for more permanent situations. Check out our comprehensive guide on Ser vs Estar.

3. Te queda bonita esa camisa/ese pantalón

You look beautiful in that shirt / in those pants.

When flirting in Spanish, you have to take advantage of every possible situation.

4. Eres muy educado/educada

You’re very polite.

Used not too many times in the flirting language but you never know. 

5. Me gusta como huele tu colonia/perfume

Your cologne/perfume smells nice.

“Colonia” is generally used for men and even babies. On the other hand, perfume is used for women.

6. Eres el chico/a más bonito/a que conozco

You’re the most beautiful guy/woman I know.

Get bold! You’re going to love this line.

7. Estás más hermoso/a que el día en que nos conocimos

You look more beautiful than the day we met.

Anyone getting this line will blush.

8. Me haces sonrojar

You make me blush.

This one is very cute. Often used to cause the other to blush, too.

9. Me encanta cuando sonríes así

I love it when you smile that way.

It’s a really good idea to give this one to your significant other when he/she is happy.

10. Fue una noche espectacular porque estábamos juntos

It was a wonderful evening because we were together.

11. Te quiero/Te amo

I love you.

If you like someone, you can say “me caes bien” or “me agradas”. Save “te quiero” for the moment in which it is really necessary to express more than just a whim.

Use “te amo” when the relationship goes onto another level. It could be either because of the time you have together or because you want to commit.

12. Creo que me gustas

I think I like you.

Use it before asking the boy or girl to be your partner.

13. ¡Bésame!

Kiss me!

14. ¿Qué sientes por mí?

How do you feel about me?

Be careful! If the other person blushes or gives you a shy smile, you’re fine.

He/she may try to ask “¿en qué forma?” (in what way?) but if the smile is still there, you don’t have to worry.

Continue with “en forma romántica” (in a romantic way) and you’ll get your answer. Good luck!

If he/she feels awkward you’ll then listen to the same question but no smile or blush.

Abort the mission! Respond with “como persona” (as a person). Keep calm and wait for another opportunity.

15. No te puedo sacar de mi cabeza

I can’t get you out of my head.

16. Te extraño

I miss you.

Flirting in Spanish: When It’s Time to Make It Official

1. ¿Quisieras ser mi novio/novia?

Would you like to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?

2. ¿Querrías casarte conmigo?

Will you marry me?

You may prefer looking for a romantic way if asking your significant other with these Spanish nicknames for boyfriends and girlfriends.

3. Estoy enamorado/a de ti

I’m in love with you.

Used when you’re sure about your feelings. Learn from the movies! Don’t say something like this too soon.

4. Quieres mudarte conmigo?

Do you want to move with me?

Use it responsibly, if you think you want to spend most of the time with her/him.

5. Quiero tomar nuestra relacion al siguiente nivel

I want to take our relationship to the next level

Use it when the relationship is ready to escalate toward a more responsible commitment.

Quick Disclaimer For Your Spanish Flirting Journey

Congratulations on concluding our flirtatious voyage! Equipped with a trove of Spanish pick-up lines and expressions, you’re all set to dive into the dating scene or charm that special Spanish-speaking someone.

Quick Disclaimer; this article provides tips and advice on how to flirt. However, it is important to remember that not all friendly or friendly interactions should be interpreted as flirting. Each individual and each situation is unique. Flirting can vary greatly from person to person and from context to context. It is essential to learn to differentiate between a friendly interaction and one that has romantic or flirtatious intentions. In addition, we must always respect the other person’s limits and signals. If someone seems uncomfortable or disinterested, it’s important to take a step back. Open communication, respect. Consent is fundamental in all human interactions. 

Embrace the lines that resonate with you and remember, authenticity is key. Let your interactions unfold naturally, without pressure.

Remember, the secret ingredients to successful flirting are confidence and a genuine smile. Ready to take your romantic Spanish to the next level? Enhance your language skills and flirtation finesse by enrolling in our free private class or exploring our 7-day group class trial. Your adventure in love and language learning is just beginning! 

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