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The Best Mother’s Day Spanish Quotes to Show You Care

Mother’s Day is an iconic and very important celebration around the world, which commemorates and honors the women who are, were, and will be future mothers, thanking them for their ability to gestate a baby from the womb and raise it, as well as appreciating their value, their struggle and their role in society.

In Spanish-speaking countries, the mother is usually the most important member of the family, even above the partner or children in some circumstances, especially in Latin American countries

If you want to get more involved in what Hispanic culture is during this mother’s day celebration and at the same time learn more phrases in Spanish, we invite you to continue reading and learn about some of the best-known and most important Mothers Day Spanish quotes.

Mother’s Day in Spanish-Speaking Countries

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in each country in the world. In Spain, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of each May, that is, in 2023 it will be celebrated on May 7. 

Meanwhile, in most Latin American countries, such as Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of each May, that is, on May 14, 2023. 

In Colombia, the state (departmento) of Norte de Santander is celebrated on the last Sunday of May (May 28, 2023), just like in the Dominican Republic.

In Bolivia Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 27, in Paraguay, it is celebrated on May 15, in Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador it is celebrated on May 10, and in Nicaragua, it is celebrated on May 30.


The most purchased gifts in Spanish-speaking countries for Mother’s Day are clothing, shoes, and special lunches or dinners. On the other hand, gift cards with phrases for Mother’s Day generally come in bouquets, which are the fourth most purchased gift in Latin America.

Finally, in Costa Rica it is celebrated 3 months later, on August 15, in Argentina it is celebrated on the third Sunday of October (October 15, 2023) and in Panama it is celebrated on December 8, which is also the day of the Virgin Mary according to Catholic holidays.

In Belize, where the official language is English, but the majority of its inhabitants also speak Spanish, Mother’s Day is May 17. In Equatorial Guinea, an African country where Spanish is spoken, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. 

While in the Philippines, a country where Spanish was official until 1987 but today only 2.94% of the population speaks, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May.

The United States is a mostly English-speaking country, but since there is no official language at the federal level, we can highlight the fact that Spanish is spoken by 12.4% of the population, that is, some 42 million people, the vast majority of ancestry Latin American. 

So we consider it important to add that the Hispanic population in the United States can accompany the American celebration of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of each year, or in the case of having immigrated, they can celebrate Mother’s Day on the date of your country of origin.

How to say Mom in Spanish Slang

Country Spanish Word
Puerto Rico (USA) Mai
Panamá Vieja
Colombia Ma, Cucha
México Amá, Jefa
Venezuela Pure
Argentina Vieja
Chile Vieja, Madre (mother)
Perú Mamacha, mamaita
Ecuador Mami, Ma
Bolivia Mamacha
Paraguay Vieja
Uruguay Cucha
Guatemala Ruca
Uruguay Cucha
Costa Rica Manteca
Honduras Amá
El Salvador Mamita
Cuba Mima
República Dominicana Mai

21 Emotional Mother’s Day Spanish Quotes

  • Te debo mucho, pero no pides mucho a cambio. No sé cómo podré devolverte ni la mitad del amor que me das todos los días. Gracias mamá. Para todas ellas, ¡Felicidades!  – I owe you a lot, but you don’t ask for much in return. I don’t know how I can return even half of the love you give me every day. Thanks, Mom. To all of them, Congratulations! 
  • La gente dice que nada puede compararse con el amor que una madre siente por su hijo. Puedo respaldar eso. No sabes lo afortunado que me siento de ser el que más amas. ¡Te quiero, mamá! – People say that nothing can compare to the love a mother has for her child. I can back that up. You don’t know how lucky I feel to be the one you love the most. I love you, mom! 
  • No siempre te digo todo lo que debería, pero eso no quiere decir que no lo sienta. Quería aprovechar tu día especial para decirte cuánto te quiero y lo importante que eres para mí. ¡Feliz cumpleaños mamá! – I don’t always tell you everything I should, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. I wanted to take advantage of your special day to tell you how much I love you and how important you are to me. Happy Birthday Mom! 
  • Madre, tu amor es verdaderamente ciego porque me amaste antes de saber cómo era yo. – Mother, your love is truly blind because you loved me before you knew what I was like. 
  • Todo lo que me pidas lo haré al instante, feliz día de las madres, mamá – Anything you ask me I will do instantly, happy mother’s day, mom. 
  • Se dice “mamá”, pero se pronuncia “la mujer más importante del mundo”. ¡Buenos días mama! – It’s said “mom,” but it’s pronounced “the most important woman in the world.” Good morning mom! 
  • Sólo junto a mi madre me siento como pez en el agua. ¡Te amo! – Only with my mother do I feel like a fish in water. Love you! 
  • Eres el mejor ejemplo de bondad y trabajo duro. Eres dulce, amorosa y cariñosa, y no tengo miedo de decir que eres la mejor madre del mundo. – You are the best example of kindness and hard work. You are sweet, loving, and caring, and I am not afraid to say that you are the best mother in the world. 
  • Si mi madre está feliz, yo estoy feliz como ella, ¡Felicitaciones, mamá! – If my mother is happy, I am happy like her, congratulations, mom! 
  • Por el maravilloso trabajo que haces como mamá. ¡Feliz Día de la Madre! – For the wonderful job you do as a mom. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Las personas se ven impulsadas a hacer cosas imposibles por el amor de sus madres. – People are driven to do impossible things for the love of their mothers. 
  • Gracias por todo lo que me das ¡Felíz día, mamá! – Thank you for everything you give me. Happy day, mom! 
  • Te doy lo mejor de mí. ¡Te quiero, mamá! – I give you the best of me. I love you, mom! 
  • Feliz Día de la Madre a otra mujer increíble que nos da mucho en qué pensar. – Happy Mother’s Day to another amazing woman who gives us a lot to think about. 
  • Madre hay solo una, ¡feliz día de las madres, mamá! – Mother there is only one, happy day, mom!


In Mexico, 4 out of 5 mothers want their children to surprise them on Mother’s Day. They are usually given a serenade, flowers, and special dinners.

  • Solo quiero que sepas lo especial y afortunada que soy de tener una madre como tú que me ama y se preocupa tanto por mí. – I just want you to know how special and lucky I am to have a mom like you who loves me and cares so much about me.
  • Mamá es la reina de los abrazos y las buenas ideas. Mom is the queen of hugs and good ideas.
  • Gracias mamá. Eres la única que me da todo sin pedir nada a cambio. – Thanks, mom. You are the only one who gives me everything without asking for anything in return.
  • La vida no viene con una guía, pero siempre tuve la suerte de tenerte a mi lado. – Life doesn’t come with a guide, but I was always lucky to have you by my side.
  • Todo lo que soy se lo debo a ella. ¡Felíz dia de la madre, mamá! – Everything I am I owe to her. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
  • Hay amor incondicional, y tiene tu nombre. ¡Que tengas un buen día de la madre! – There is unconditional love, and she has your name. Have a nice Mother’s Day!
  • Desde el día que nací hasta el día que muera, siempre estarás en mi corazón. – From the day I was born to the day I die; you will always be in my heart.
  • Por ser tan pequeña, pero tener un corazón tan grande. ¡Que tengas un buen día de la madre! – For being so small but having such a big heart. Have a nice Mother’s Day!
  • Porque es la historia de amor más hermosa que he escuchado y escucharé. ¡Te amo! – Because it’s the most beautiful love story I’ve ever heard and will ever hear. Love you!
  • Eres la puerta siempre abierta, la taza de té y la paz después de una tormenta. ¡Te adoro! – You are the door always open, the cup of tea and the peace after a storm. I adore you!
  • Madre, a usted se lo debo todo, ¡Felíz día! – Mother, I owe everything to you, Happy day!
  • A veces siento que todos se han dado por vencidos conmigo, pero tú eres la única persona que siempre está a mi lado y confía en mí. – Sometimes I feel like everyone has given up on me, but you are the only person who is always by my side and trusts me.
  • Podría decírtelo con una rima o con una flor, pero solo te lo diré con mis palabras: ¡mamá, eres la mejor! – I could tell you with a rhyme or a flower, but I’ll just tell you with my words: Mom, you’re the best!
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Useful Vocabulary for Mother’s Day

Spanish English
Regalo Gift
Rosas Roses
Madrecita Little mother
Tarjeta de regalo Gift card
TQM (Te quiero mucho)** I love you
Besos y abrazos Kisses and hugs
10 de mayo May 10
Primer Domingo de mayo First Sunday of May
Segundo Domingo de mayo Second Sunday of May
Primaveras Springs


** This acronym is widely used in the Spanish language, especially among young people.

14 Funny Mother’s Day quotes in Spanish

  • Tal vez tengas que estar un poco loco para amar a tu hijo tanto como yo. ¡Felíz día! – Maybe you have to be a little crazy to love your son as much as I do. Good day!
  • Iba a desearte un feliz día de la madre en Facebook, pero vi que no tienes perfil. Supongo que debería hacer lo que hacen los demás y desearte lo mejor del mundo frente a ti. ¡Feliz cumpleaños mamá! – I was going to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day on Facebook, but I saw that you don’t have a profile. I guess I should do what everyone else does and wish you the best in the world in front of you. Happy Birthday mom!
  • Cuando no estoy seguro de qué hacer, mi mamá siempre me ayuda. ¡Feliz día Mamá! – When I’m not sure what to do, my mom always helps me. Happy day Mom!)
  • Cuando estoy contigo no necesito jugar Play Station, eres mi pasatiempo favorito. – When I’m with you I don’t need to play Play Station, you are my favorite hobby. 
  • Cuando te pido ayuda, mamá, me das ocho. ¡Gracias! – When I ask you for help, mom, you give me eight. Thanks!
  • Cada vez que me preguntabas, “¿Quién crees que soy?” Debería haber dicho: “La mejor madre del mundo.” – Every time you asked me, “Who do you think I am?” I should have said: “The best mother in the world.”
  • Una madre preocupada puede averiguar más que el FBI. ¡Feliz día Mamá! – A concerned mother can find out more than the FBI. Happy day mom!
  • Incluso si voy a la playa, mi madre quiere que me mantenga caliente. – Even if I go to the beach, my mother wants me to keep myself warm.
  • Ninguna cantidad de suerte me hará lo suficientemente afortunada de tenerte como madre. – No amount of luck will make me lucky enough to have you as a mother.
  • Tengo que decirte, mamá: te quiero más que a la pizza de queso. – I have to tell you, mom: I love you more than a cheese pizza.
  • Mamá, te amo por todo lo que has hecho, pero sobre todo por recordarme que tome mi jugo antes de que se acaben las vitaminas. – Mom, I love you for everything you’ve done, but most of all for reminding me to drink my juice before the vitamins run out.
  • Eres la mejor madre que tengo! – You are the best mother I have!
  • La vida no viene con una guía, pero sí viene con una madre. ¡Día feliz! – Life doesn’t come with a guide, but it does come with a mother. Happy day!
  • Tantas cosas en ti me hacen quererte: eres amable, paciente, un gran consejero, divertido. Pero si hay algo que hiciste por lo que debería elogiarte es esa tortilla de patata. – So many things about you make me love you: you’re kind, patient, a great counselor, and funny. But if there’s one thing you did that, I should praise you for, it’s that potato omelet.
  • Mami, ¿recuerdas lo amorosos que han sido estos años? Si la respuesta es sí, no tienes de qué preocuparte. Tu memoria no ha cambiado con los años. – Mommy, do you remember how loving these years have been? If the answer is yes, you don’t have to worry. Your memory hasn’t changed over the years.


Taking into account the immediacy of today’s world, if you want to surprise your mother in Latin America, it is best to do it when she wakes up, since our mobile devices, our social networks, television, and many other media remind us that it is Mother’s Day and there would be no point in waiting until night to give the surprise.

Songs in Spanish to dedicate on Mother’s Day

Image by Vivek Kumar via Unsplash

The songs for Mother’s Day are many. Various artists in Spanish-speaking countries dedicate songs of affection to the mother. Here we give you an example of good songs in Spanish to dedicate to your mother on this day:

  • “Mi madre es pequeñita, Igual que una violeta. Lo dulce está en su alma, El llanto en el adiós.” – My mother is tiny, just like a violet. The sweet is in her soul, crying in goodbye.
    Los versos a mi madre – Julio Jaramillo (Ecuadorian singer)
  • “Eres. Eres mujer de alma grande. Mujer hecha de amor. Eres. Eres mujer de mi padre. Y como mujer y amiga. La mejor, la mejor.” – You are. You are a woman with a big soul. A woman made of love. You are. You are my father’s woman. And as a woman and friend, the best one, the best one. 
    Madre – Camilo Sesto (Spanish singer)
  • “Has sido, madrecita, Tu existencia bendita, Para el niño que aún soy para ti.” – Your existence, little mother, has been blessed, for the child that I am still for you.
    Te amo, mamá – Marco Antonio Solís (Mexican singer)
  • “Madrecita querida, mil perdones te pido, si por esa traidora, te deje en el olvido.” – Dear mother, a thousand pardons I ask you, if because of that traitor, I left you in oblivion.
    Perdón Madrecita – Vicente Fernández (Mexican singer)
Image by Andriyko Podilnyk via Unsplash

Ways to say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish

Spanish English
¡Felicidades en tu día! Congratulations on your day!
¡Feliz día de la madre! Happy Mother’s Day!
¡Feliz día, mamá! Happy day, mom!
¡Felicidades por el día de la madre! Congratulations on Mother’s Day!
¡Felicidades por tu día! Congratulations on your day!
¡Enhorabuena, mamá! Congratulations, mom!
¡Felicitaciones por tu día, mamá! Congratulations on your day, mom!

Wrapping up

There are many phrases of love and affection to celebrate Mother’s Day that you can express in Spanish, and there is a lot you can learn about this language through these quotes. On this day, learn them all and devote them to your mother or the Spanish-speaking moms you know.

But nothing will stick without practice, so go ahead, and feel free to sign up for a free 1-on-1 Spanish class or a 7-day free trial of our group classes. Here at SpanishVIP, We would be thrilled to assist you in experiencing the colorful diversity and warmth of Spanish culture.


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